April is National Food Month 2013

April is National Food Month
I thought I'd share some of my food favorites from
the last year...

I only picked a few,
otherwise this list would 
take months to complete.

See What Jay Eats...

Fried Salad
Lahaina, Maui

Brussels Sprout leaves, burnt orange vinaigrette, celery leaves,
mixed hydroponic greens, radish, and local mint.

Created by Chef Sheldon Simeon of Star Noodle
Top Chef Seattle
He also oversees the menu for Leoda's

Bacon SPAM Musubi
Honolulu, Hawaii

SPAM Musubi can be found all over the place
in Hawaii.  There are a few that include eggs,
but when I found one with bacon too, 
I knew it was a winner!

 Tuna Sashimi
Studio City, California

Tuna and green onions
with Chef Nozawa's ponzu sauce

Chef Kazunori Nozawa might have retired,
but I still can have his famous sushi menu.

 Applewood Smoked Double-Cut Bacon
Honolulu, Hawaii

Served with spicy fresh corn salsa

Who can pass up smoked double-cut bacon
and a fresh corn salsa?
It was sooo good...

Sea Asparagus Wasabi Ahi Poke
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tuna poke with onions, sea asparagus,
soy sauce and wasabi.

All of the components of a great tuna poke
with a crunchy sea asparagus,
which has a salty taste to it.
My new favorite one...

Oxtail Pho
Pho 2000
Los Angeles, California

Two things I love put together,
oxtails and pho...

Great, now I'm hungry again...

 Juicy Pork Dumplings
Arcadia, California

Xiao Long Bao
(soup dumplings)

Pork dumplings with a
flavorful broth inside.

Din Tai Fung is a famous Xiao Long Bao
restaurant company in Taiwan.

It saves me a trip to Taiwan for these,
but still have to wait in line tho... 

Shutome - Kabosu
Honolulu, Hawaii

Filet of island swordfish crusted with mochi,
citrus-sansho sauce, jumbo asparagus, and velouté.

This was a pleasant surprise to have it at
and then a few days later at Chef Mavro's restaurant.
I hope I can have it again one day, it was that good.

Tonkatsu Sampler Platter
Honolulu, Hawaii

5 out of the 6 different tonkatsu (fried pork)
menu options.

Kimukatsu is famous for their 25 layers of thinly
sliced pork breaded and fried.
One of my favorites, fried pork!  lol

Short Stack Cupcake
Glendale, California

The Famous Blueberry Pancake Cupcake,
A Buttermilk cake and fresh blueberry filling
with a maple french butter cream frosting.

This is one of the winning cupcake from
Cupcake Wars
"The Derby"

It really does taste like a blueberry pancake...

 Custard Desserts
Los Angeles, California

Great custard and bread pudding flavors.
I don't have a favorite, since they always
have new and seasonal flavors.
Be sure to checkout their bread puddings too.
A Must Try...

Haupia Ice Cream
Roselani Ice Cream
Wailuku, Maui

A family-owned and operated ice cream company
with one of the best ice cream flavors I've had.
Haupia is traditional coconut milk based dessert 
and Roselani has nailed the ice cream flavor.
Can be found at selected restaurants
and found in supermarkets in Hawaii.

Wonton Min Saimin
Palace Saimin
Honolulu, Hawaii

Wontons and saimin noodles in a shrimp/pork based broth.
Saimin noodles are somewhat similar to ramen noodles, 
but a bit different.

Order a couple of teriyaki beef sticks with it and you're set.

A favorite of mine from the summers spent in Hawaii growing up.

Carne Asada Tacos
I forgot where I got these,
but remembered that they were really good.
Southern California

These are some of my food favorites,
what are some of yours?


Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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