Cuisines of the Stars: A Magical Journey of Food and Culture

After four fun food-filled days, I arrived at the Ko Olina Resort for the final Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival event.  After two nights of wonderful tasting events, I had the option to dine at another venue, but I chose to attend this event.  Since about half of the participating chefs were from Southern California, I had to represent.  

Entering the event through

Mickey didn't recognize me last time I was here,
but that's another story...

The event was held on the beach at the
Ko Olina Resort.

served as venue hosts 

Chefs Jackie Lau and Jennifer Hamilton
with the Roy's Restaurant crew
ready to serve 3 different desserts

Braised Beef

Chef Mourad Lahlou
San Francisco

It was a beautiful Sunday evening
at the Ko Olina Resort

Photo by Ed Morita
Meeting Chef Tetsuya Wakuda
Sydney, Australia

His restaurant is one of the toughest 
reservations in Sydney...

Panna Cotta with uni and sea salt

Chef Perfecto Rocher
Lazy Ox Canteen
Los Angeles

From one of my favorite LA restaurants

Caramel topped cupcakes with Hawaiian Salt

I can talk about it now, these cupcakes
were part of "Cupcake Wars"

Read more about the "Aloha Cupcakes" episode

Chicken Fried Quail
with corn mango salsa

Chef Dean Fearing

His chicken fried quail was such a hit
last year, he brought it back again...

Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai
La Rochelle
Tokyo, Japan

Photo by Ed Morita
Iron Chef Sakai's Wrapped Kampachi 
with fruit salsa

It was a pleasure tasting his food this week
and understand why he's an Iron Chef.

Chef Alan Wong
Event Co-Founder
Alan Wong's

Crudo of Ono

Chef Seamus Mullen
New York

Thanking Denise Hayashi,
Executive Director,
for a great food and wine event

Hawaiian Verrine

Chef Patrick Fahy
Sixteen at
Trump International Hotel and Tower

Coconut mochi cake

Chefs Jackie Lau and Jennifer Hamilton
Roy's Restaurant

My Favorites of the Evening...
Grilled Kulana beef with poached Kona lobster
on a braised ox tail truffle stuffed potato with black truffle emulsion

Chef Raphael Lunetta
Santa Monica

Island fish crusted with mochi,
citrus-sansho sauce, asparagus and velouté

Chef Mavro

Hearts of Palm Churro
with Big Island citrus sugar

Chefs Jackie Lau and Jennifer Hamilton
Roy's Restaurants

This was a fantastic event and looking forward to attending next year.  Each year it seems to get better and better.  OK, this was only the second year, but you get what I'm sayin'.  

Lots of great food & wine, amazing chefs, stories that make you laugh but yet understand, and the true spirit of aloha.  It was an amazing four days...

Hope you enjoyed this edition of what "Jay Eats"

  Job Well Done!
Denise Hayashi
Roy Yamaguchi
Alan Wong

Closing Fireworks
"The End"

See You Next Year!
September 1 - 8, 2013


NOTE:  I was a guest of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau,
Oahu Visitors Bureau, and their partners.
I thank them for their invitation and hospitality. 
All comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless otherwise noted
Jay Eats
©Jay Terauchi


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