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My Honolulu Food Favorites

Jay Terauchi's Honolulu Food Favorites: Zippy’s – My #1 Favorite Place growing up and still is. Yummy’s Korean BBQ For that quick Korean fix Rainbow Drive-In Plate lunch Lahaina Chicken – InterIsland Terminal & Ala Moana Center Liliha Bakery Coco Puffs Breakfast – sit at the counter Closed Mondays – otherwise open 24 hours. Young’s Fish Market Kalua Pig (traditional imu) One of the best I’ve had – retail. Palace Saimin Saimin, won ton mein, teri beef sticks. Street parking Uncle’s Fish Market and Grill Mahi-Mahi tacos Fish & Chips – local fish daily Side Street Inn – Sports Bar Pork Chops – Enough said… Kim Chee Fried Rice Helena’s Hawaiian Food Maui Onion with alae salt Angelo Pietro Raw Potato Salad Create your own Japanese style pasta entree Gyotaku – Old style Japanese Combinations Okinawan Sweet Potato Haupia

Crashed and Burned…

It’s always sad when I see a business close because the owners had no idea of how to run their business. In the restaurant business, everyone thinks it’s the food. I’ve seen places that the health department has closed because of lack of permits or food handling experience. Just because you like to cook and serve people, doesn’t mean that you’ll make a good restaurant owner. An acquaintance of mine had a restaurant that he couldn’t run and did a lot of things wrong, though he’s had many years of restaurant experience. In my opinion, he hired the wrong people to manage the front and he oversaw the kitchen & food quality. He spent more time handling all of the restaurant problems and didn’t have time to take care of the food. The kitchen operations went down hill fast, now customers were complaining about the food quality. The managers that he hired didn’t have the experience to handle the front end problems. He recently closed his restaurant and let his staff go. Looking bac