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Exotic Meats...A Walk on the Wild Side

Photo Courtesy of Val of Trippy Food "A Walk on the Wild Side" begins... Before we get to the exotic stuff, just some background on how all of this came about. I've been fortunate to meet some really interesting and passionate food people along my food journey. While attending a restaurant tasting with food  adventurer,  @KristieHang , we happened to sit next to   @trippyfood and  @cuethecritic .   A conversation began,  funny thing,  we've been following  each other on  social media and a true pleasure meeting both of them IRL. Next thing I know, exotic meats are mentioned and weeks later @trippyfood sets up a tasting at  Exotic Meat Market in Perris. I love Extreme Cuisine, so I was thumbs-up for joining in. Now you're caught up... Our host, Anshu , of Exotic Meat Market . No one mentioned Thanksgiv..., I mean, the "T" word. Of course this ranch had some lambs. A llama.

Ramen Burger and Mama Musubi Creates Something Delicious!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two of the most popular night market vendors got together and created something really good?   Well... It Happened!!!  The Original Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto One of the most popular vendors  and longest line at this year's  626 Night Markets . AND   Mama Musubi One of the original 626 Night Market vendors and IMO the second longest lines at this year's 626 Night Markets (behind Ramen Burger). What happens when Mama Musubi's popular pork belly is paired with the Original Ramen Burger noodle buns? If you like Mama Musubi's pork belly musubi, you'll like this burger... Introducing the Mama Musubi 24 Hour Pork Belly  Specialty Ramen Burger! (Limited Time Only) Mama Musubi's 24 Hour Pork Belly (Berkshire pork belly)  served with cucumber pickles, arugula, onion marmalade,  and a hoisin karashi mustard sauce on the famous Rame

Blocks of Food at KTown Night Market - October 2014

The Last Night Market of the Season! The KTown Night Market   organizers presents the Halloween Food Fest October 25 & 26, 2014 My post of the first KTown Night Market in April 2014 HERE 6th Street was closed to traffic in KTown.  Over 70 vendors lined the street between Mariposa Ave and Berendo St.  The Ultra-Popular Original Ramen Burger was in attendance. They're so popular, they even had a line before the event opened! OK, so it was the Original Ramen Burger crew in their new red shirts... See What Jay Eats... Just a few things I had  I stopped by the Chilly Ribbons ' ski chalet to try their latest flavor, Red Bean. You can see the red bean pieces... Now ready to go with red beans, mochi, and almonds. It was sweet without being sweet and had a nice flavor.  Now that the night market season is over, I guess I'll have to get out to their store in Westwood. I tried