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A Favorite Burger - Plan Check Kitchen on Sawtelle

Living in Los Angeles, there are a lot of good burger places, such as Umami Burger, Apple Pan, Father's Office, In n Out, etc.
One of my favorites places for a burger is Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, headed by chef Ernesto Uchimura.  Chef Ernesto is the former  corporate executive chef at Umami Burger.
One of my favorites... PCB 
(Plan Check Burger)
with Americanized dashi cheese, ketchup leather, schmaltz onions, and mixed pickles on a crunch bun.
Just one of the genius things of this burger is Chef Uchimura's
creation of the ketchup leather.  It's housemade ketchup
which has been dehydrated (similar to a fruit roll-up).
It's placed at the bottom of the burger, preventing the
burger juices from getting the bottom bun soggy AND you
still get the ketchup flavor, brilliant! 

It was a beautiful Los Angeles day, so sitting out on the patio was an easy decision.  

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 Housemade Yuzu Soda
It couldn't get any better...

 Fries cooked in beef tallow with smoked salt and 
served with…

Dodger Stadium: New Food and Promo Items for 2015

If you follow me, you know I love baseball and food.  Last season, I was invited to a 
behind-the-scenes tour of the new restaurants 
at Dodger Stadium,  I was looking forward to see what's new for 2015.
See my 2014 behind-the-scenes tour HERE

 Growing up on the next hill over from Dodger Stadium, I was here a lot, a LOT.  

Dodger Stadium is the third oldest ballpark in the Major Leagues
(opened in 1962) and is the largest baseball stadium by capacity at 56,000.   I call it home... 
It's really nice to see that the ownership group has updated this classic ballpark into the modern times with new technology, more restrooms, activities for the kids, and of course new FOOD!

The Dodgers were kind enough to invite me again for another behind-the-scenes food adventure for this season.
As usual, I got here early to watch batting practice.

Just some of the Dodger Hall of Famers just hanging around...

The chef gave us an introduction to the new menu items for the 2015 season.

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Extreme Loade…

Market Milkshake Monday at Plan Check Kitchen

When is a milkshake not just a milkshake?

When it's a Monday at Plan Check Kitchen!
Each Sunday, the chef goes out to a local farmer's market to select a special flavor for Monday's special milkshake.

 Along with other foodies, I got to sample the three milkshakes for this week's Market Milkshake Monday.
It was the perfect tasting size, without being too much.

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 This week's flavors:
Strawberry & Rose, topped with rose sugar and a rose petal. Vanilla Bean Chocolate
My favorite...
Each milkshake had that old skool classic flavor, which I loved, but one of them stood out just a bit.

 Strawberry & Rose
Maybe it was the rose sugar on the top, but you could taste the freshness of the local strawberry with the rose.

 These are the full size milkshakes. $8
Each Monday, they'll have Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, and a special flavor selected at a local farmer's market.

What goes great with a Market Milkshake?
 One of Plan Check's burgers of course!

We had the Down…