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Earl of Sandwich - Anaheim

The Earl has Arrived! I used to do a lot of traveling, one of the places that I was fortunate to visit was Orlando for both business and pleasure.  One of the places I enjoyed visiting in Orlando was Earl of Sandwich.  The night before my first visit to the Earl, I had a really nice Caprese salad, made with sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, seasoned with salt and olive oil.   When I arrived at the Orlando Earl, all I thought of was last night's Caprese salad and I ordered their Caprese sandwich.  With a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and pressed like a panini sandwich, I really enjoyed it.   I was excited to find out that Earl of Sandwich had opened at Downtown Disney® in Anaheim.  While I surprised my nieces with a holiday trip to Disneyland in December, I got to have another Earl sandwich. Downtown Disney® Anaheim  Not too far from the Main Entrance of Disneyland See What Jay Eats...  Yeah! The Earl of Sandwich h

When You See the Rainbow...

Isn't the saying: "There's a Pot of Gold at the  end of the  Rainbow Drive In" RIGHT? At this Hawaiian Rainbow, you'll find some of the island's  best local food. You've probably seen Rainbow Drive In on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Unique Eats, or one of the many food shows on TV. Yes, they're popular... Rainbow Drive In photo* To me, it's been an institution since spending  summers on Oahu with my grandparents, their house is just up the street. Rainbow Drive In has been a GO TO plate lunch place on Kapahulu Avenue for 50 years.  See What Jay Eats... I love how they still serve the old skool way, no styrofoam containers here.   Mix Plate BBQ Beef, Mahi Mahi (fried fish), Boneless Chicken, 2 scoops rice, and 1 scoop macaroni salad. $7.95 Except for including their chili, I love the Mix Plate and enjoying a variety of what they do. In addition to plate lunches, t

April is National Food Month 2013

April is National Food Month I thought I'd share some  of my food favorites from the last year... I only picked a few, otherwise this list would  take months to complete. See What Jay Eats... Fried Salad Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop Lahaina, Maui Brussels Sprout leaves, burnt orange vinaigrette, celery leaves, mixed hydroponic greens, radish, and local mint. Created by Chef Sheldon Simeon  of Star Noodle Top Chef Seattle He also oversees the menu for Leoda's Bacon SPAM Musubi Iyasume Musubi Honolulu, Hawaii SPAM Musubi can be found all over the place in Hawaii.  There are a few that include eggs, but when I found one with bacon too,  I knew it  was a winner!  Tuna Sashimi SUGARfish Studio City, California Tuna and green onions with Chef Nozawa's ponzu sauce Chef Kazunori Nozawa might have retired, but I still can have his famous sushi menu.  Applewood Smoked Double-Cut Bacon

Yakitori - Torihei in Torrance

Pau Hana! (Work is Done) I met up with a friend of a friend from Hawaii for Pau Hana, a Hawaiian Happy Hour.  We're both food marketers and enjoyed a couple of beers and some meat dishes.  Met up at a place I had never been, Torihei in Torrance for some yakitori and small plates.  "Yaki" is fire in Japanese and "tori" meaning chicken, so grilled chicken. See What Jay Eats...  Chicken Thighs Has a lot of flavor, the only seasoning is salt, and grilled over a charcoal grill. Chicken Wings The wings are cut in a way that they are flat and skewered, again just seasoned with salt. This is my favorite yakitori item! Beef Short Ribs AND the green onions made the dish. This was our favorite item of the evening! Beef Tongue If prepare correctly, it's very tender and a nice way to finish Pau Hana. I did like this place and will be back, maybe for more Pau Hana in the future. It