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The Kogi Truck

It All Began Here... If you're a follower of gourmet food trucks, I'm sure you've heard of Chef Roy Choi and the Kogi Truck. The gourmet food truck trend and social media phenomenon began with the Kogi truck.  Not only did they create a new food category, but also a new menu items not seen before. Chef Roy Choi said that his food tastes like L.A. If you think about creating menu items that represent Los Angeles and it's food culture, Chef Roy hit it right  on the head.  A taco which has a Korean short-rib filling and served with a Mexican/Asian sauce.   They began with one truck and Twitter back in 2008. Today, there are 4 Kogi trucks servicing Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Check the Kogi Truck website for days and times Just look for the line... Now, what to order? Kogi Truck Menu Not your typical taco truck cuisine. See What Jay Eats... A chicken taco and short-rib tac

Late Night Ramen at Ramen Burger LA!

Unfortunately Late Night Ramen has been cancelled. The demand has been overwhelming and had to turn away customers. Stay tuned for updates... The Original Ramen Burger's Late-Night Ramen in KTown! They've heard you ask for ramen in a bowl and they're introducing limited late-night ramen. Updated Post  The  Original Ramen Burger will serve Late-Night Ramen on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm until Lock & Key closes. Limited to 20 bowls of each per night. Two types of ramen served, Tonkotsu-Shio (pork based) and Torigara-Shio (chicken based). Chef Devin Hight has created two ramen classics with his spin (in a good way). Peter and Fernando will get the bowls out to you. See What Jay Eats... Photo Courtesy of Jeff Shimamoto Tonkotsu-shio Ramen (Pork) topped with sous-vide chashu, egg, kikurage (mushroom), sake-infused  menma (bamboo shoot), crunchy scallions, and nori. $12 Chef Devi

The Show Dog from Papoo's Hot Dog Show

Photo by LeahRodrigues24 Los Angeles Times Papoo's Hot Dog Show August 24, 2011 Burbank, California During my entertainment industry days, I would have lunch at Papoo's Hot Dog Show.  Usually would order a hot dog, I mean the place is called "Hot Dog Show", right?   Years later, I heard that Papoo's Hot Dog Show closed after 62 years.  Evidently, this historic location, which started out as a hot dog shack, needed some extensive remodeling which the owner wasn't in a position to do. Fast forward to today, this spot is now the Burbank location for Umami Burger.  The new owners did add an "umami" twist to Papoo's hot dog menu. I'm glad that this location was kept the Papoo's look and feel, just updated. Photo by Claudia Esguerra-Herrera With Valentino Herrera When Valentino mentioned revisiting Papoo's Hot Dog Show and "The Show Dog", I was trying to remember if I had one back i

California Pizza Kitchen Celebrates 30 Years!

March 27, 2015 What a 30 Years it has been! With over 280 restaurants in 208 cities and in 15 countries around  the world, the Next Chapter begins. CPK Beverly Hills Opened on March 27, 1985. Where it all began, tonight's celebration is exactly 30 years to the day. My CPK adventure begin while attending CSUN and  working for  Nordstrom at Topanga Plaza years ago .   My Nordie friends and I would  go to CPK for lunch  and got me hooked on the chopped salad.   That's how this addiction began... Tonight we celebrate their 30 years in business ! (which makes me 35 tonight...)  Blueberry Ginger Smash Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Monin Organic Agave Nectar, Domaine de Canton Ginger, Fresh Blueberries & Lime, and Cranberry Juice. It was berry good, but I felt it needed something at the finish. The perfect place for a party, at the Original CPK! To celebrate the Next Chapter with a new look,