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Parsnip - Romanian in Highland Park

If you follow me, you know I love dumplings.
Almost every country has some sort of dumpling and I want to try as many different ones as possible.
Today is Romanian!
A coworker told me about this small cafe  that serves Romanian comfort food  on York Blvd in Highland Park.
See What Jay Eats...

Gomboți Dumpling
Served with sour cream.

Inside a Gomboți
A potato dumpling with cheese, parsley and green onions.
Bulz Dumplings 

Inside a Bulz Dumpling 

Polenta dumplings filled with cheese, red peppers and sauerkraut.Gluten-Free

Beef Goulash 
You have the option to have it with Polenta or Veggie Barley Pilaf

Beef Goulash  with Veggie Barley Pilaf
Slow braised beef in a spiced paprika  broth with root vegetables and served  with Veggie Barley Pilaf (my option)
It’s Great with the Sour Cream.

Chicken Paprikash Bowl with Polenta (or Veggie Barley Pilaf)
Chicken in a creamy tomato red pepper sauce served over creamy polenta.

This is a small neighborhood cafe that serves Romanian comfort food. They have a couple of tables inside, wit…

Pearl’s BBQ - Texas BBQ in DTLA

Who knew there was Texas-style BBQ in Downtown Los Angeles?
Pearl’s BBQ Opened in December 2017 in the Artist District.

“Snow White”
FatStack Smoker in the house...

Live Music too

It’s time to eat
Head over to the Airstream 

What should I order???
See What Jay Eats...

Angus Certified Beef Brisket

Angus Certified Beef Rib
My favorite of the evening!

Tonight’s Event Sampler 

Brisket Tray (special for the event) with sides, a pickle and red onions.
Can’t eat Texas BBQ without White Bread!

Here’s a closer look at the sides:

Cowboy Caviar

Potato Salad
Cole Slaw

Very similar to the yams I cook at work.

Don’t forget to tip your...

Ending the night with...

Pearl’s Pecan Pie
Grandma Pearl's recipe, handed down for 5 generations, served with whipped cream

It reminds me of something you’d see in Texas.
If you’ve never been to Texas for BBQ, you should go and get a  taste, music and atmosphere of the Lone Star State.

Hard to believe it’s in Downtown LA...

Pearl’s BBQ 2143

Mh Zh - Contemporary Israeli in Silver Lake

Mh Zh (Opened in 2017)
Pronounced “mah zeh”which is loosely translated to “what is it?” in Hebrew.
This is a very casual place, a contemporary Israeli restaurant, most of the tables are outside  on the sidewalk (a few inside).
Before Mh Zh opened in this space on Sunset Blvd., it was a tiny pizza place that I went to a couple of times.  I had a friend making pizzas and he said the vegan one wasn’t bad.  Guess it wasn’t good enough to stay open...

Their menu is on brown paper bags, Love It!
I’ve been here twice and haven’t had a bad dish.

If you go with a group and want everything, “Fire Menu” for $125.

Bling Bling Hummus with rustic bread.
Each time I go, I get two orders...

Pickled Vegetables 


Frisée Salad with Duqqa and aged English Cheddar 

Grilled Beets with Hazelnuts
This was one of my favorites

Roasted Potatoes 
Served on a brown paper bag.

Braised Red Cabbage with watermelon radish.
Usually I don’t like red cabbage dishes, but this was good.

Roasted Sweet Potato 
My mom would love this dish!


Bavel (New) - Middle Eastern in DTLA

I’ve been waiting for Bavel to open in DTLA.
Bavel opened in the Artist District  in April 2018.
A Middle Eastern restaurant, from the team at Bestia.

Lemonade Time!
Sparkling lemonades to start:
SAFFRONpink lemonade with pomegranate & cinnamon
BISMARKclassic lemonade with date syrup

Duck ‘Nduja Hummus
with creamy garbanzo beans, jerusalem mix spice, herbs
It’s as good as it looks!
Don’t forget to mix in the cilantro...

Fried Pita

Purple Butter Lettuce Salad 
with rose water buttermilk vinaigrette,  turnips and za'atar

Middle Eastern Aged Meats
Loved the prosciutto with pistachio.

Chicken Liver Flatbread 
with merguez spice, caramelized onions, sour sumac onions and fresh dill.
I would’ve never thought to putchicken livers on a flatbread,but it was really good!

Grilled Octopus 
With herbed yogurt, fried squid ink pita, capers, smoked paprika oil and turmeric pickled onions.

Wagyu Beef Cheek Tajine
with braised cheeks, chiles, preserved lemon, turnips, green garbanzo and a side of couscous.
The beef was …

Lunch at DreamWorks Animation Studio - Glendale

Coming from the entertainment industry, I've been to DreamWorks Animation Studio in Glendale a few times. 
I've actually worked for a few of their executives in another life at a different entertainment company.

Once you enter the main gate and park,  you pass the fountain near the Campanile Theater and you’re at the commissary.
BUT, before lunch...  With Po from Kung Fu Panda

See What Jay Eats...
Today's Lunch:  Tandoori Turkey with Basmati Rice and Roasted Cauliflower.
I guess no one in the kitchen noticed that there's no color on the plate. I would've opted for a different vegetable.
It was tasty tho...

Thanks DreamWorks Animation!

Photos by Jay Terauchi Jay Eats Worldwide  (c) Jay Terauchi