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Hawaii Food Adventure: Day 2

Hawaii Food Adventure 2011 Day 2

Of course I'm still on Pacific time and woke up at 4:30 am... Had a couple of meetings to start the day, so I wasn't too disappointed in not getting any sleep.

It's a Beautiful Day!
And to think, I left 100 degree weather to be here.
One of the benefits of having meetings in Hawaii is getting to run into old friends and colleagues.
At one of my meetings, I was invited behind the scenes at Hawaiian Host, the originator of the chocolate covered macadamia nut candies.

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nut candies being made
Mahalo Hawaiian Host!

Kim Chee Fried Rice Big City Diner Ward Center
Lunch with @BCDlane

After lunch I head to Ala Moana Center to walk around and to checkout the new food court at Shirokiya.
I happend to hear my name being called...

Friends from Los Angeles!
Didn't know that they would be in Honolulu... What a surprise!

They've never been to Leonard's for malasadas...

Leonard's Malasadas Original

Hawaii Food Adventure: Day 1

Hawaii Food Adventure 2011 Day 1

After a crazy day, boarded a Hawaiian Air flight to Honolulu aboard the New A330. I haven't been on an Airbus 330 before and it was pretty comfortable, fell asleep so didn't get to use much of the inflight entertainment system.

Boarding flight to HNL
As I was waiting in baggage claim, decided to check-in on Facebook. While I was on the rental car shuttle, received a text from an old friend inviting me to hangout with them at a nearby restaurant, he saw that I arrived at the Honolulu airport. But before I did, needed to stop off at Palace Saimin and meet up with a foodie friend @onokinegrindz.

Wonton Min Small
Tasted just like it always has...

Beef Stick
Can't have saimin without a beef stick or two
Palace Saimin is one of those places that only serves one thing and does it well, just like when I was a kid...
Now it's off to meet up with my old friends! Just have to remember what the rental car looks like...

Wearing a chicken hat with my fri…

Still da Best!

Bernie's Teriyaki Downtown LA area
One of my all time favorites...

You can't find too many places anymore that has good food at a great price. These days, we're all looking for value AND something good to eat.
On the Northwest side of Downtown LA, Bernie's is still the best bargain in town! They've been doing the same food since the 1970's and is pretty good.

Chicken & Beef Combo $5.25 (tax included)

One piece teriyaki chicken and two beef sticks served over fried rice with lettuce, tomato, and Thousand Island dressing

If you come at lunch, be prepared to wait, they get crazy busy...

Bernie's Teriyaki 318 North Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213) 250-8413 Closed Sundays

Still da Best Bargain in Town!

Photo by Jay Terauchi ©Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats

Tater Tot Fryday!

Today is FryDay! September 16th
Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda

I've been going to Fab Hot Dogs when they first opened, they only had about 10 seats inside and were next door to a pizza place. Since those early days, it's been maybe 4 years, they've grown to a larger space and menu. But the food is still good...
My first visit, I had a ripper and their slaw dog with tater tots. They do a great slaw dog there and is one of my favorites and highly recommended.
But today I opted for the Monte Christo Dog...

Monte Christo Dog $4.95
Grilled turkey dog with grilled Taylor ham melted Swiss cheese and strawberry jam

Opted for "The Meal Deal" Buy and DOG or BURGER Add FRIES or TOTS and a 20 oz fountain drink or iced tea for $2.75

I liked the Monte Christo Dog, but had just too much jam in it. It was on the sweet side and overpowered the ham and cheese. The bun was toasted just right tho...
But the tots were great as always!

Fab Hot Dogs 19417 1/2 Victory Blvd at Tampa Reseda, CA 91335 818/344-4336

Soda Pop's on La Cienega

Soda Pop's Where Homestyle is Your Style

Went to lunch at a fairly new sandwich place, one block North of the Beverly Center on La Cienega. This place specializes in a wide variety of soda pops and "East Coast Subs and Unique Sandwich Specials." Also salads and Sicilian pizza slices too. With a name like "Soda Pop" you can imagine the variety of pops...

Italian $10 Cold Sandwich
Mortadella, Salami, Spicy Capicola, Sopressata, and Provolone. Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, hots, olive oil, and red wine vinegar

I love Italian sandwiches and this one uses a good French roll and comes with a choice of homemade chips
Sea Salt Bacon Cheddar Salt and Pepper

Cobb Salad $12
Smoked Turkey, Apple-wood Smoked Bacon, Gorgonzola, Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Egg, and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing.

Abita Root Beer "Pure Louisiana Cane Sugar"
My favorite Root Beer!

They have a good selection of soda pops available

Cold and hot sandwiches, salads, Sicilian pizza sl…

Ramen Monday - September 12

Sorry, no ramen today... This week was 103 degrees and I'm NOT thinking ramen...
Otafuku Japanese Cuisine Gardena
It's been a few years since I've been to Otafuku, not you typical noodle house. But they do make the best soba (buckwheat) noodles this side of Japan that I've had. Most people know that buckwheat noodles are brownish in color and have a nutty flavor to them. A few restaurants in LA make their own noodles. But only Otafuku uses imported gozen-ko, flour milled from the white-buckwheat kernel.

Seiro Soba (sarashina soba) $8 with dipping sauce, wasabi, and green onions

Lunch Special Seiro Soba $8 + Shrimp Tempura Bowl $3.50

Seiji Akutsu, Otafuku owner, imports the white soba flour and uses bottled spring water and makes his dough. Rolls it out and makes thin cuts to make this delicate noodle. I tried to cut soba noodles once at a restaurant, it came out more like linguine noodles than soba.
I love fresh soba noodles with the slightly chewy texture, served with the very…

Chocolate Crunch!

Did someone say CHOCOLATE?
Spent the afternoon at
Impressions Fine Foods Gardena, CA

Chocolate Covered Brown Rice Crackers Milk Chocolate, Spicy Dark Chocolate, and Savory Brown Rice

Great tasting and not your typical rice cracker

Chocolate Mochi Krunch (Brown Rice Crackers) covered in Milk Chocolate is my favorite

K-G Krunch

A buttery tasting snack item that is a Must-Have for the upcoming football season

Granola with Aloha
New Product!
Granola with shaved coconut and pure maple syrup

Chocolate Mochi Krunch Cookies

These happen to be one of my favorite cookies... Chocolate cookies with the crunchy texture from the rice crackers

Karen Shintaku "Krunch Visionary"

Karen enlisted the CIA for help with creating the secret formula for Mochi Krunch. Well, OK she recruited her daughter Kori, a Culinary Institute of America certified pastry chef to work on developing the different products. Together they've created a tasty line of snacks, treats, and gifts.
Impressions Fine Food products are av…

Sweet Wednesday!

How do you start a Wednesday morning? With some cotton candy from Tasty Clouds of course...

Growing up, I remember cotton candy being pink or blue. Don't remember them having any flavor. But, this isn't your carnival cotton candy, this is Gourmet Cotton Candy!

Gourmet Flavors
Such as Pina Colada, Berry Caliente (Strawberry Jalapeno), Wild Watermelon and 24 more flavors...

Nina has created unique flavors and let us sample some new ones. Sorry, can't reveal the new flavors just yet, but they were really good.

Watch the Fox 11's Report

Tasty Tubs

This is the fluffiest cotton candy that I've ever had YES, even packed in a container...

Can last up to 8 weeks if kept in it's container

Flavored Sugars too For the do-it-at-homers...

They also do catering! Have their attendant make Gourmet Cotton Candy for your guests.

Got to meet Nina Rodecker Founder and Mompreneur Tasty Clouds Candy Company

My favorite is the Cherry Lemonade!

Doreen Fang met Nina too...

Dining with Doreen