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Hello Kitty and Afters Ice Cream - Limited Time!

Hello Kitty Alert!!! Beginning tomorrow, Thursday (June 29th), a Hello Kitty and Afters Ice Cream collaboration begins! (Limited Time Only) I wonder if Hello Kitty orders the milky bun too??? Hello Kitty waits in line, just like everyone else. No diva cat here! Two new Hello Kitty flavors, "Mama's Apple Pie" and "Yummy Strawberry Cake" I chose "Mama's Apple Pie" with the crushed cookies, just like pie crust... Cool Hello Kitty/Afters Ice Cream merchandise too. Yup, met HK too! All Afters Ice Cream locations will have the two Hello Kitty ice cream flavors, special cups, and merchandise on June 29th.  Only the Irvine store will have all of the Hello Kitty graphics (as seen here). Photo by Andy Nguyen On the 29th, there will be a special launch event at the Afters Ice Cream Irvine location where Hello Kitty herself will be making an appearance and the first 100 customers will

Toastea (New) - Downtown Los Angeles

You've probably passed this location on 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles on your way to Bottega Louie, just around the corner from Whole Foods.  I know I have... Located in a historic building, next door to Rite Aid, this space has been vacant for many years. But since May 12, 2017, it's the new home  to Toastea . When 3 USC grads get together with Taiwanese boba and thick toast, Toastea is born! This is what creative people do when they find a unique 'opportunity' and they use it to their advantage. It's not a big place, but they do have a good size seating area. What really stands out is the unique stairs converted into additional seating. It's stadium seating with a park mural above, love the astroturf... One of the NICEST waiting area for the restroom.  j/k OK, let's get down to business, the teas. I love not having to ask what's good or what's popular here. A few of the