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Austin - Uchi

 Tera & Uchi Over 10 years ago (or so) I became aware of Uchi in Austin while  perusing the Chefwear catalog.  I was interested in what Chef Tyson Cole was doing in Central Texas.  The food looked amazing and has been on my list of restaurants to visit on my next visit to Austin.   One of the things I looked forward to was visiting the restaurant.   Since "Uchi" is part of my last name, I knew it meant 'house' in Japanese.  The restaurant is  a refurbished  old house that has a contemporary feel to it, and compliments it's contemporary Japanese menu. My trip to Austin was for a meeting, but also to eat BBQ, read my Texas adventure HERE I was fortunate that my friend Diane is also a fan of Uchi and it was almost too easy to get her to join me for dinner. Based on knowing their fish is coming from Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, I knew it would be good. But I wanted to try some of the dishes from the kitchen. Diane

There's Nothing Like Texas BBQ

Just sharing my Central Texas BBQ trip... October 2015 While at Dallas Love Field waiting for my Austin connection, had some brisket tacos at Sky Canyon by Stephan Pyles. Two BBQ Brisket Tacos with Red & Green Salsas $10 I was a bit surprised how good the brisket was at the airport.  The salsas needed a kick tho. This was good airport food... What's a trip to Austin without Franklin Barbecue ? Maybe this should've been my last BBQ stop... This was one of the most incredible pieces of beef I've had, with maybe the exception of  Kobe Beef (Wagyu A5). To my critics who tell me they would never wait 3 hours, you'll never know... Read my Franklin Barbecue adventure HERE Didn't have a chance to drive out to The Salt Lick , but my friend Diane made sure I took home some  of their BBQ sauce. It's on my list for the next Austin trip, I want to see their open pit in person. One

Austin - Franklin Barbecue

From pork in the Carolinas to ribs in St. Louis, I'm fortunate to have experienced great bbq . So, when my current travels takes me to Austin.   As Daniel Vaughn ( @BBQsnob )  states,  it's the best of the best. A friend got me this issue awhile back. After reading it, I knew I needed to visit two locations in Austin, Franklin BBQ and John Mueller Meat Company.  First stop in Austin:  Franklin Barbecue...  With my longtime friend, and Austin resident, Diane. She and her husband took the morning off to join me in line.   We arrived around 9:15 am, Diane had it all planned out with folding chairs, mimosas, and breakfast items from Easy Tiger .   To my critics, YES, I do wait in lines. One thing that I really liked about this line, Franklin staffers came around to let everyone know what was going on.  At about 11 am, they asked everyone to fold up their chairs, recycle any bottles or cans, and use trash cans for garbage. A