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Local Roots Farms - Los Angeles

Just South of Downtown Los Angeles, in the city of Vernon, houses a unique type of farm. It may not look like the kind of farm most of us think of, but inside lies modular vertical farms. You can't judge a book by it's cover... Photo by Local Roots Farms Housed in 40' repurposed shipping containers, Local Roots Farms builds vertical farms which can be located in just about any area, as long as there's space for the container. Photo by Local Roots Farms Inside one of the shipping containers is the current crop of Butterhead Lettuce . One thing that I found amazing, inside this 40' container houses just over 4 acres of butter lettuce which is harvested every 3 days. Imagine that, a footprint of a 40' container can produce over 4 acres worth of product year-round. Living in an urban area like Los Angeles, our fresh produce comes from 50 - 80 miles away. Restaurants rely on continuous fresh pr

What I'm Looking Forward to at the Opening of Smorgasburg LA - 2016

UPDATED June 18, 2016 I had a conversation with a friend who asked me which food event I was going to attend this weekend? I told him that I was going to be busy most of the weekend, but I was going to the opening of Smorgasburg LA on Sunday (Father's Day). I had been to the original Smorgasburg in Brooklyn and the food was fantastic! Mario Batali called Smorgasburg "The single greatest thing I've seen gastronomically in New York City." It's now in Los Angeles! The famous Ramen Burger got it's start at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. See some of my Smorgasburg pics from Brooklyn HERE Not being too familiar with the food vendors at Smorgasburg, my friend asked what am I looking forward to on Opening Day? Besides my friends and LA favorites : Guerrilla Tacos Lobsterdamus Mama Musubi PopdUp Ramen Burger TJ's Tacos Here's what I'm looking forward to  at  Smorg LA :

Truffle Splash - Jinya Ramen Bar Studio City

 I've been to Jinya Ramen Bar in Studio City a few times and recently visited their Hollywood and Highland location. See my Hollywood Food Tour HERE When my food friend, Kristie Hang , invites you to a special ramen lunch at Jinya Ramen Bar in Studio City,  you don't just go, you run!  Reason being, this special ramen lunch, involves black truffles. Yup, you heard it correct, Black Truffles!!!  After arriving and getting set up on the patio, we headed over to the kitchen to watch our special truffle ramen being put  together. Jinya's founder Tomonori Takahashi is testing brothless menu items. One of them being the Truffle Splash. This limited edition, only 10 bowls per day, is only available in Studio City for a limited time.  Besides the shaved black truffle, the Truffle Splash includes pork chashu, Brussels sprouts, onion, cheese, and half a raw egg with thick noodles.  Right awa

UNIBOIL - Hotpot in Monterey Park

I drive by this place all the time, how many times have you heard that? Well, it's true, I do. Located at the  Atlantic Times Square in Monterey Park, right off the 10 Freeway. This is my first visit to UNIBOIL and I get to preview their Summer Menu. See What Jay Eats...  Appetizer Course (L)  Pickled Cabbage (C)  Black Fungus Salad with Szechuan Spicy (R)  Lotus Root Salad with Szechuan Spicy The Lotus Root Salad had the numbing spice in it and was truly numbing experience... It does go away after a minute or two.  Pork Feet It's similar to eating chicken feet, but the bones are larger.  It's Hotpot Time! with beef, fish cakes, noodles, and corn. Got to share this experience with fellow food enthusiasts, @kimlaiyingling and @eatbearded  You may have noticed the merchandise on the shelves behind them, you can shop while you dine.  Ground Pork with Mushroom Rice serve