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Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake

I'm always a sucker for new dessert places. I remember hearing of a Japanese cheesecake place opening up at Westfield Santa Anita, but didn't really think much of it.
Wasn't able to attend the media preview, so now's my chance to get to sample Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake.
Ever since they had their Grand Opening, the lines have been long.
I heard from a couple of friends that the wait was about 50 minutes.
I happened to be at the mall and decided to check out the line.
But first, I had to get over there.
As Steve Jobs' said, "The Journey is the Reward"
(the back way to the Asian food hallway)

The line didn't seem too long the first day I stopped by.
Why the line? They come out of the oven and  straight to the customer.
But I had an appointment in the area, so I will have to wait another time.

Today is the Day!
I arrived at Westfield after 4 pm on a Thursday.


The Recess Room - Fountain Valley

It's Time For Recess!
Grand Opening was on September 29th.
I was invited to the opening of The Recess Room in Fountain Valley.

As I walk into the restaurant, I'm reminded that it was designed by Kenneth Ussenko Design, designer of such restaurants as,
The District by Hannah An Crustaceans in San Francisco The Drum Room at Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa

Designer Kenneth Ussenko  is best known for creating spaces where every wall has a story.
When you check in at the hostess table, it was formerly a 1900 European newspaper shear.
On a nice evening, I would opt to sit out on the patio.

In the restaurant's main room, the focused on the bar. so let's begin there.
Cocktail Time

The cocktails feature locally sourced and homegrown ingredients from the on-site herb garden.

Roses Are Razz (L) Raspberry, rose water cordial, elderflower, hibiscus tea, and lemon
Mauna Loa Mule (R) Hand-crafted ginger beer, grilled pineapple, and lime
The Recess Room is waiting for their liquor license and will have crafted co…

Jones Birthday Cake Soda - Review

Happy Birthday Jones Soda Company!!!
Yes, Birthday Cake Soda Pop!

When I saw it on the shelf at Galco's, I knew I had to try one.
Especially since it's a limited edition!

Just hit the big two-oh. 20 years of fun flavors, the 2005 Thanksgiving Holiday Pack  was my favorite!
If I remember correctly, the 5 flavors in the pack were Turkey Stuffing (a vegetable one I can't remember) Cranberry and Pumpkin Pie
I took the pack to my family's Thanksgiving dinner and shared with  my cousins.  If I remember correctly, I think I was the only one who enjoyed it.  lol
Back to the Jones Soda Limited Edition Birthday Cake Soda Pop, it does have a hint of birthday cake, the frosting.
I kinda like it...
If you want to try, get it before it goes away.
Galco's Soda Pop in Los Angeles
Jones Soda Company

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

Photo by Jay Terauchi Jay Eats Worldwide ©Jay Terauchi

Hollywood's Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop - Review

The other day, I tried Hollywood's Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop.  This drink was made famous at the  Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood back in 1937.

Although the restaurant no longer exists, but one famous menu item still continues today.
Do you know what famous signature dish was created at the Brown Derby??? (answer can be found by reading this post)

The recipe for a Shirley Temple is ginger ale (or lemon lime)  and grenadine (or maraschino syrup),  that's what I remember growing up.
For this bottled soda pop, I guess I'm used to a stronger cherry flavor when compared.  Otherwise, this soda is made in the old skool way with pure cane sugar and has small carbonated bubbles.
It's a good soda pop and available in Los Angeles at Galco's Soda.

The famous signature dish created at the Brown Derby is the Cobb Salad.  It was created by restaurant owner, Robert Cobb, or by his chef, Chuck Wilson back in 1930's.
Did you know???  
Here's the original Cobb Salad recipe

More info on H…

Lao Tao Street Food - Chinatown

I became aware of Lao Tao Taiwanese Street Food at this year's Lucky Rice, the L.A. Feast in July 2016.
In early September 2016, I was invited to the media preview prior to the soft opening on September 14th.
Lao Tao Street Food is located on the 2nd floor of the Far East Plaza in Chinatown.  Next door to Ramen Champ and above Roy Choi's Chego, Endorffeine, Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken, and Pok Pok LA, just to name a few.

See What Jay Eats...
Since this is a street food place, it's very casual and all of the food is served on disposable plates, which gives the street food feel.
Our first course is the  Century Egg Tofu Salad
with house-made Hong You sauce, rousong (pork floss), and green scallions.

Sea Land Tofu Skin Roll
with pork and fish paste filled tofu roll, minced vegetables, water chestnuts, and Haitian sauce.

This is where I met them and became a fan...

Loved their Chao Shou at Lucky Rice
a pork filled wonton in a red hot numbing chili oil, with house-made Hong You sauce, peanut pow…