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Sushi Hanada Closing (November 4, 2023)

One of the BEST sushi restaurants is closing today. Sushi Hanada was a hidden gem in Port Hueneme (Oxnard) where some of LA’s top sushi chefs would drive over an hour to get to on their days off to eat here. YES, it was that good!   Not because they received top notch quality seafood from Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo, but just the opposite.    Sushi Hanada used a lot of local sustainable seafood and the preparation was the real secret.    Chef Yuki Hanada was the master at bringing out the flavors of local ingredients. Sushi Hanada served Edomae-style sushi, made from seafood caught in Tokyo Bay.    Small fish, Japanese tiger prawns, clams, sea eel, etc. were cured or lightly cooked before serving.    200 years ago, it wasn’t about toro or uni in sushi, you needed to know what to do with what you could get your hands on and how to bring out the flavors. Chef Yuki did all of those things and more.    The 3 or so times I’ve dined there, he never disappointed and each time I had different