Friday, October 21, 2011

Taco Friday!

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A Breakfast Taco Friday!

In the Spring, I made tacos for the staff at a restaurant I was consulting. They liked them so much, they asked me to make tacos for them the following Friday too. Either that or they thought they could talk me into cooking for them...

Thinking about those days, I made some for breakfast this morning. With some leftover chorizo, lettuce, and Jack cheese, that memory turned into breakfast. Trying to imagine what they would have been if I had leftover fried chicken???

Friday's Breakfast Tacos

Watch my answer to
Traci Toguchi's

Happy Friday!

Carne Asada Tacos

Photo by Jay Terauchi

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maui Restaurant: Japengo

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Hyatt Regency Maui

I love going to resorts and spending lazy days lounging around. When the sun goes down, it's time for some good food and Maui is one of those places.

Japengo isn't the typical hotel restaurant that serves seafood because that's what guests want on an island. They use Hawaii's locally grown products to showcase the many modern Asian-inspired dishes with a Hawaiian flair. Be prepared for a unique Pacific Rim dining experience.

Entrance to Japengo

As you enter Japengo, you're taken to a place that
seems like a far away modern Japanese village.

But the stunning sunsets and warm Hawaiian
hospitality reminds you that you're on Maui.

First Stop is the Moon Bar

Superfruit Nigori

absolut berri acai, momokawa pearl nigori sake, fresh lime, cranberry

A must have cocktail

See What Jay Eats...

For Starters

A Sashimi Platter
Selected by Sushi Chef Jay Ledee

tuna, salmon, snapper, sea urchin, yellowtail, and giant clam

The seafood served here is top notch

The Sushi Lounge

It's like a restaurant inside a restaurant
and time for sushi...

The two must ordered sushi rolls:

Big Roll

shrimp tempura, salmon, tuna, avocado, tobbiko, tobanjan

Tootsie Roll

soft shell crab, snow crab, cucumber, shiitake mushroom,
avocado, lobster-teriyaki


leave it to Chef Jay Ledee to create a special roll

spicy tuna topped with white fish and shiso

Oceanfront Dining

A great view overlooking the islands of Molokai and Lanai

Entrees not to miss...

Singaporean Chili Crab

alaskan king crab, spicy singaporean chili

A must try

China Town Chow Fun

spicy ground pork, day boat scallops, crab,
new caledonia prawns, oyster sauce, mushroom shoyu

Today's Catch of the Day


Certified Angus Filet of Beef and
New Caledonia Prawns

plum wine finer demi-glace
kim chi and edamame potato

Another must try

Another beautiful Maui sunset
at Japengo

What's a great dinner without dessert?

Molokai Sweet Potato Cheesecake

azuki beans with a shortbread cookie

A nice local spin on a classic dessert

With Shelley Kekuna and Sushi Chef Jay Ledee

Mahalo to Chef Matt Smith and Chef Gavin Utrillo

Not only is Japengo is great dining experience, but you get the signature Maui sunset too. What a way to enjoy a great dinner and see what Jay Eats...

200 Nohea Kai Drive
Lahaina, HI 96761-1985

Epilogue:  In 2013, Japengo was honored with three 'Aipono Awards, presented by Maui No Ka Oi magazine, including the Gold Award for the Best Pacific Rim Cuisine and Silver Awards for Best Seafood and Best Asian Restaurant.  Congratulations!

Maui No Ka Oi

Jay Eats
© Jay Terauchi

Friday, October 14, 2011

Maui Restaurant: Star Noodle

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A Star in Maui?


Lahaina is a special place for me, that's where my family is from. For me, going to Maui is like going home. I had heard about Star Noodle from my Hawaii foodie friends and when @DaniaEdibleHI suggested that we go during my visit, I knew it was a good choice.

The restaurant is located in an industrial area, so I knew it would be good food. Think about it, it's not about a Front Street location, it's in an out of the way place and people are talking about it.

When I think of 'home', I think of good food. I usually don't visit the same restaurant again in the same week. But the 3 days I spent on Maui, I visited Star Noodle 3 times. Hmm...

See What Jay Eats...

Asian Pear Lemonade

I love it when restaurants create
specialty drinks and combinations
that not only sound appealing but
great tasting too

Salad Trio

Spicy Namasu - Cucumber, Daikon, Carrot
Star Kim Chee - Won Bok Cabbage, Ginger, Garlic
Pohole Salad - Hana Fiddle Head Fern, Maui Onion, Shrimp, Konbu

A great starter and chance to
sample different salads

The kitchen sent out a compressed
watermelon and tuna starter for us

It was a refreshing start

Local Green Salad

Waipoi Mixed Greens, Shiso Ranch Dressing

Miso Salmon

Charbroiled with a Su-Miso Sauce
and cooked just right

October is National Seafood Month,
so celebrated at Star

Hapa Ramen

Pork broth, roast pork, poached egg, bamboo shoots,
fish cake, baby bok choy, mayu, spicy aka miso

Brussels Sprouts

Pan roasted, Bacon, Kim Chee Puree

I believe that it's now a weekly special,
so ask it they have it

I'm not really a Brussels Sprout fan, but
the leaves are crispy with a great flavor,
a MUST try!

Garlic Noodles

Fresh & Fried Garlic, Garlic Oil, Dashi, Scallions

One of their specialities and MUST order

Singapore Noodles

Vermicelli, chicken, shrimp, vegetables


Served with butterscotch caramel sauce, peanuts, and chocolate sauce

The second time I was here, overheard a couple tell the server
that they were here for the special dessert.
They ordered the malasadas and were very happy with it.
You could tell by all of the sugar on their faces...

Star Made Ice Creams

Ginger, Pineapple Li Hing Mui, and Green Apple

Great Flavors!

With @lifeinparadise and Chef Sheldon Simeon
in the Star Noodle kitchen

Chef Sheldon gave us a tour of the kitchen
and all of the prep for their other restaurants,
including Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop.

286 Kupuohi
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 667-5400

I really enjoyed everything that I had at Star Noodle. The restaurant has a good vibe, the staff is well trained and friendly, the food is creative, and the menu makes sense.

If more restaurants were like this, I wouldn't have any clients. Maybe, I'll just keep Star Noodle as my secret place that I'll enjoy when on my trips to Maui.

Chef Sheldon has moved on to other restaurants,

Photos by Jay Terauchi
©Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hawaii Food Adventure: Day 9

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Hawaii Food Adventure
Day 9

Today is my last full day in Hawaii and I still have a lot to do. Started out the day in Wailuku and stopped off for some chow fun, since today (Thursday) is National Noodle Day.

Ichiban Okazuya
in Wailuku

Open Monday to Friday Only

Thanks to @grapevinehawaii for the suggestion

Today is Noodle Day

I ordered a medium chicken chow fun

Too many good choices here...

It has that homemade taste
that reminded me of growing up and
the flavor from Hawaii.

Ichiban Okazuya
2133 Kaohu Street
Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 244-7276

Had one quick meeting and then I was done for the day. So, I treated myself to a Tasaka Guri Guri at the Maui Mall.

Pineapple Guri Guri

So good they named it twice...

Two scoops for the road

Heading back to Lahaina and to Star Noodle to celebrate National Noodle Day... Lunch Time!


Cranberry Juice and Yuzu

Local Green Salad

Waipoli Mixed Greens, Shiso Ranch Dressing

Miso Salmon

Charbroiled with a Su-Miso Sauce
and cooked just right.

Looked so good the other night, that I had to try it.

After lunch I headed to a favorite place on Maui...

Kapalua transformed itself from
a pineapple plantation to a resort

It continues to transform itself,
new buildings since my last visit...

I love driving through here and
have enjoyed watching a couple
of golf tournaments here too

Office Road
(Just up the street from the Ritz Carlton)

Home to the Honolua Store

A place to get a quick lunch, snacks for the beach,
a T-shirt for afterwards, and gifts.

I was meeting Aimee (@lifeinparadise) for dinner and to discuss some biz. Since it was National Noodle Day, she suggested on Star Noodle. No complaints from me, since I haven't tried all of their noodle dishes yet and didn't have any at lunch (only breakfast).

Star Noodle
is located in an industrial area,
just so you know you're heading in the right direction.

I really like Star Noodle, the restaurant has a good vibe, the staff is well trained and friendly, the food is creative, and the menu makes sense. I usually don't go back to the same restaurant in the same week, let alone for both lunch and dinner on the same day. This should tell you something...

The kitchen sent out a compressed
watermelon and tuna starter for us

It was a nice way to start off noodle night...

Hapa Ramen

Pork broth, roast pork, poached egg, bamboo shoots,
fish cake, baby bok choy, mayu, spicy aka miso

Singapore Noodles

Vermicelli, chicken, shrimp, vegetables

Happy National Noodle Day!

Just as we were leaving the dining room, I saw my friend Matt from Seattle with his family, met up with them in Kaanapali the day before. He took my Star Noodle recommendation and got the family there to try, told them that I've been there three times in three days. I was able to introduce them to Chef Sheldon Simeon and glad that they got to have the malasadas...

Speaking of Chef Sheldon, he gave us a behind the scenes tour and insight to their new restaurant, opening very soon. I'll have more information in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

@lifeinparadise, Chef Sheldon Simeon, @Chef_Jay
in the Star Noodle kitchen.

Thanks to @DaniaEdibleHI
for the introduction to Star Noodle
for suggesting we go on National Noodle Day!

286 Kupuohi
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 667-5400

If you visit Star Noodle, please tell Chef Sheldon that
Chef Jay says hello...

Maui No Ka Oui

It's now time to pack for home...

Photos by Jay Terauchi
©Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hawaii Food Adventure: Day 8

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Hawaii Food Adventure
Day 8

It was a nice sunny day in Maui today. I met up with @grapevinehawaii (Bonnie Friedman) for lunch at Da Kitchen in Kahului. It's one of my favorite stops after leaving the Kahului airport.

Kalua Pork Sandwich
served with a green salad with papaya dressing

Bonnie is a wealth of food knowledge and I enjoyed our FOOD conversation. Checkout her Maui food tours at "Tour Da Food" and something I'm doing on my next visit to Maui.
Thanks Bonnie!

Da Kitchen Cafe
425 Koloa Street
Haleakala Highway
Kahului, HI 96732

One of my childhood memories is having guri guri, it's a Maui thing...

While I was in line at Tasaka,
I was alerted on my iPhone
that Steve Jobs had passed away.

2 Scoops of Strawberry

Cheers to steven p. jobs...

Tasaka Guri Guri
Maui Mall
70 E Kamehameha Ave
Kahului, HI 96732

After lunch and taking care of some business, I headed to Kaanapali to meet up with my Seattle friend Matt. Haven't seen Matt in years and got to meet his family. Funny how we both traveled 2,500 miles from home to meet up.

Met up with @MauiShelley (Shelley Kekuna) from the Kaanapali Beach Resort Association at Japengo at the Hyatt Regency Maui for dinner.

Sushi Chef Jay Ledee
created a beautiful sashimi assortment

Tuna, salmon, red snapper, sea urchin, giant claim, yellowtail
with fresh wasabi

It was a great selection of fish,
this is why you always ask the chef.

As I've said before, I'm from LA and we get
great fish, but nothing like Hawaii...

Chef Jay created a Special Roll for us

Spicy tuna topped with a white fish and shiso leaves

It was a good combination

Enjoying a Great Maui Sunset
at the Hyatt Regency Maui

"The Catch of the Day"

Shelley's Recommendation
"Chow Fun"
1/2 Order

It was right on...scallops and shrimp
it was really good!

Molokai Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Served with azuki beans and a shortbread cookie

My mom would love this dessert...

Shelley, I enjoyed our food, Maui, California, and Kaanapali conversation.
Hope to meet up again

@Chef_Jay, @MauiShelley, Chef Jay


Two Chef Jays in the Same Room?

That's why a picture was taken...

Chef Jay Ledee did a wonderful job
and the staff provided great service too...

Japengo is a place that I will return to on Maui

200 Nohea Kai Drive
Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761
(808) 661-1234

AND the Hyatt Regency Maui
has penguins at the resort,
I'll be back.
I love penguins and so do my nieces!

Hyatt Regency Maui

Michael Jokovich
Cindy Dugan
Chef Jay Ledee

Shelley Kekuna

Photos by Jay Terauchi
©Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats