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Mariscos Jalisco - A Shrimp Taco Truck

Los Angeles is known for taco trucks, almost anytime of the day you can find one, two, or five. If you ask an Angeleno, chances are they'll tell you their favorite (if they have one). One of the unique LA taco trucks is Mariscos Jalisco. It's a seafood truck that serves ceviche, seafood cocktails, oysters, and shrimp tacos. See my 2014 Tacolandia post HERE The truck is parked at 3040 E Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90023 Open everyday from 9am to 5:30p. (until 6p on Sat and Sun) See What Jay Eats... Shrimp Taco A crispy outer shell with a secret blend of shrimp and spices inside,  topped with avocado  and a seafood salsa. Usually a line to order. Three Shrimp Tacos Lunch with a Mexican Coke, can it get any better? One of my favorite taco trucks in LA! Mariscos Jalisco 3040 East Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90023 E 10th St and Towne Ave Los Angeles, CA  90021 Mon-F

Ramen Monday - Ramen Champ - January 26, 2015

It's Ramen Monday! Ramen Champ Grand Opening January 19, 2015 Don't get me wrong, I like a traditional ramen. BUT, I do Love a good non-tradtitional ramen too! See Limited-Edition Ramen at Animal HERE Chef / Owner Alvin Cailan of Eggslut (Grand Central Market) opened his ramen outlet in Chinatown's Far East Plaza. This location may sound familiar with neighbors such as Roy Choi's Chego and Chef Andy Ricker's Pok Pok Phat Thai. If you follow me, you know I'm a fan of Eggslut, read more HERE . Chef Cailan joins forces with Nathan Asamoto, Johnny Lee, and Michael Sudjati to create Ramen Champ. A true ramen shop with 22 counter seats only, No tables...just like Japan.   This is how a ramen shop should be! Similar to ramen shops in Tokyo, Ramen Champ takes your order before being seated at a counter. By the time you sit down, your bowls and  sides start  to arrive. See What Jay Eats...