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It's Grammy Night, Catering My Last Grammy Event!

  It’s Grammy Night! 11 years ago was the last Grammy party I catered… I remember we had to arrive at the Biltmore Hotel by Noon, due to security restrictions. We set up our area in the largest kitchen I’ve ever worked in and then down a long ramp to the ballroom where we had our food tables. There were two restaurants serving food in each ballroom with two bars and a live band. Knowing we would be locked down before & during the ceremony down the street, we brought in lunch from Cielito Lindo (Olvera Street) and enjoyed our taquito plates, it’s been our Grammy tradition for 4 years and not my first rodeo. THAT and I forgot we were invited to a pre-game meal in the Biltmore Employee Cafeteria. See What Jay Eats #2 - 2 Beef Taquitos 1 Tamal w/bean and cheese from Cielito Lindo (Olvera Street) After getting a few items prepped and showing the culinary students what to do and the night’s game plan, I shared some completed dishes with the Biltmore kitchen staff, who served me whate