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Dodger Stadium: New Food and More for 2016

It's Time for Dodger Baseball!   I guess you could say this is my field of dreams moment. Invited by the Los Angeles Dodgers to preview the menu items from Levy Restaurants, view some of the promotional items for the upcoming season and a VIP tour of the stadium. Arrived at the Stadium Club. 12 hours prior, I was in Austin wrapping up a pop up at SXSW. See What Jay Eats... Photo by Kristie Hang  Met with Jason Tingley, Executive Chef Dodger Stadium on this season's new menu items and we talked BBQ. Here's this season's starting lineup:  Specialty Nachos Verde with tomatillo verde sauce, pickled jalapeños, and fresco Cotija Queso over tortilla chips. I love tomatillo verde sauce, so yes, I'm a fan...  A Healthy Option, The Chicken Verde Sandwich with a grilled chicken breast on telera bread with jalapeño aioli, lettuce, tomato, and tomatillo verde sauce. Served at the Healthy Carts

Mo-Mo Paradise - Rowland Heights

Mo-Mo Paradise in Rowland Heights is opening on April 1st! (No joke)  It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant specializing in shabu shabu/sukiyaki from Japan. In fact, this is their first U.S. location and I got a preview.  Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki are similar, as they're a one pot entree that's cooked table side. Since this is an all-you-can-eat, (Dinner $27.95) you select your meat. And then your dining adventure begins  My first stop was the Farmer's Market to select my vegetables, rice, and other condiments. The Farmer's Market will have about 20 seasonal vegetables.  Don't forget your condiments. I picked up scallions and red ginger for my sauces. Next stop...  The Drink Garden has natural flavored sodas, teas, milk teas, boba, jellies, etc. How many places have unlimited boba milk tea? By the time I got back to the table  Our pot was on the burner

Snowopolis - A Dessert Haven!

I've had a hard time finding a good shave ice place in the San Gabriel Valley.  One place that was brought to my attention via social media is Snowopolis in Montebello. I've seen a lot of pictures and positive comments from fellow Instagramers.   Snowopolis isn't your typical shave ice or ice cream place.  The lighting is more night club, but with all of the colors in their desserts, it works! Since shave ice is what they do, we ordered a 4 flavor one. See What Jay Eats...  Yup, it was larger than my head AND 100 tropical flavors to choose from. I loved the "Tiger Blood" flavor, something you should order when you go. Besides the flavoring, the ice was shaved well and I'll be back for that again. The other thing on their sign was "Build-A-S'more" So, we had to try  We had a choice of different chocolates, toppings, and even marshmallows.  I had to get the R