Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dodger Stadium: New Food and More for 2016

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It's Time for Dodger Baseball!

I guess you could say this is my field of dreams moment.

Invited by the Los Angeles Dodgers
to preview the menu items from Levy Restaurants,
view some of the promotional items for the upcoming season
and a VIP tour of the stadium.

Arrived at the Stadium Club.
12 hours prior, I was in Austin wrapping
up a pop up at SXSW.

See What Jay Eats...

Photo by Kristie Hang 
Met with Jason Tingley,
Executive Chef Dodger Stadium
on this season's new menu items
and we talked BBQ.

Here's this season's starting lineup:

 Specialty Nachos Verde
with tomatillo verde sauce, pickled jalapeƱos,
and fresco Cotija Queso over tortilla chips.

I love tomatillo verde sauce,
so yes, I'm a fan...

 A Healthy Option,
The Chicken Verde Sandwich
with a grilled chicken breast on telera bread
with jalapeƱo aioli, lettuce, tomato, and
tomatillo verde sauce.

Served at the Healthy Carts, AMPM, Marketplace,
and Tony's Stand through out the park.

Shock Top Bratwurst
A spicy pork bratwurst link with Shock Top beer 
and served on a buttered New England style roll
with caramelized onions and spicy brown mustard.

Available at the Think Blue BBQ behind the 
Left Field Pavilion.

 Smoked BBQ Wings Bundle
with 15 smoked chicken wings tossed in their
secret BBQ sauce, served with fries and veggie
sticks and comes with 2 soft drinks.

Served at the Think Blue BBQ

A very good BBQ sauce,
I wonder if they'll ever bottle and
sell it at the stadium?

 The King's Hawaiian Dog
with an all-beef quarter pound dog topped off with
a pineapple salsa and served on a
King's Hawaiian bun.

Funny, I was hanging out with
King's Hawaiian team
at SXSW in Austin.

Maybe it's a Hawaii thing, but
I enjoyed this dog.

Gouda Kobe Burger
a 1/3 lb premium wagyu beef ("Kobe" beef) burger
topped off with caramelized onions,
pickles, and special dressing.

This burger really should be named after 
Kobe Bryant's last season, it's just that good.  
Not a lot of frills, but a solid good burger.
It was one of my favorites of the new menu items.

This is just some of the new menu items at Dodger Stadium
Chef Jason will be introducing new items throughout the season.

Some of the promotional items include:

Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead
Presented by Security Benefit
April 25th vs Miami Marlins
7:10 pm

Dodger Stadium Replica
Presented by Farmer John
May 14th vs. St. Louis
6:10 pm

 Cooler Backpack
Presented by Your SoCal Honda Dealers
June 20th vs. Washington
7:10 pm

 Reusable Tote Bag
Presented by MLB Network
July 30th vs. Arizona
6:10 pm

 Retired Numbered Pin Series (10 pins)
Presented by 76

May 9th:  Pee Wee Reece #1
June 4th:  Don Sutton #20
June 16th:  Duke Snider #4
July 5th:  Roy Campanella #39
July 7th:  Walter Alston #24
July 31st:  Jim Gilliam #19
August 8th:  Jackie Robinson #42
September 4:  Sandy Koufax #32
September 7th:  Don Drysdale #53
September 22nd:  Tommy Lasorda #2

 Neck Pillow
Presented by Emirates Airline
May 23rd vs. Cincinnati 
7:10 pm

These are just a few of the promotional items,
for a complete list, click HERE

For a list of Special Events, click HERE

 Let's climb to the Top of the Park
and see what's going on at Dodger Stadium.

If you've never been on a tour of Dodger Stadium,
I do suggest taking one of the daily tours.

 Jackie Robinson's jersey
The man who broke the color barrier
and who's number is retired on every
major league team, he started as a Dodger.

 Frank Sinatra's seats at Dodger Stadium

A friend of Hall of Famer, Tommy Lasorda.

 One of the World Championship trophies,
this one was for 1988.

This is the year Kirk Gibson hit the home run...

We visited the Vin Scully Press Box
before the private tour was over.

Hard to believe this will be Vin Scully's 67th
season (and last) as the voice of the Dodgers.
Not sure what next year will be like,
but glad that we were fortunate to have
him broadcast this long.

It's always an honor to be given a VIP tour
by Janet Marie Smith,
the person responsible for the planning and 
development of upgrading Dodger Stadium
(the 3rd oldest ballpark in MLB).

I've been fortunate to have traveled around
to 22 of the 30 MLB ballparks.  Although
Dodger Stadium is home, it's
in my Top 5 favorite ballparks.

Getting ready for Opening Day 2016!

There's always something happening
at Dodger Stadium, besides baseball...

I always look forward to Opening Day
and beginning of baseball season.  They
did a great job on the food, promotional items,
and stadium amenities.  I'm looking forward
to attending a few games this season!

I was fortunate to be invited in 2014 
and sample food from the new outfield
restaurants.  See more HERE

Thank You!
Los Angeles Dodgers
Steve Brener
Yvonne Carrasco
Davie Siegel
Janet Marie Smith
Jason Tingley

NOTE:  I was a guest of the Los Angeles Dodgers
and thank them for the invitation and their hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless noted otherwise
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mo-Mo Paradise - Rowland Heights

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Mo-Mo Paradise in Rowland Heights
is opening on April 1st!
(No joke)

 It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant
specializing in shabu shabu/sukiyaki
from Japan.

In fact, this is their first U.S. location
and I got a preview.

 Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki
are similar, as they're a one pot entree
that's cooked table side.

Since this is an all-you-can-eat,
(Dinner $27.95)
you select your meat.

And then your dining adventure begins
 My first stop was the Farmer's Market
to select my vegetables, rice, and
other condiments.

The Farmer's Market will have about 20
seasonal vegetables.

 Don't forget your condiments.

I picked up scallions and red ginger
for my sauces.

Next stop...
 The Drink Garden
has natural flavored sodas, teas, milk teas,
boba, jellies, etc.

How many places have unlimited boba milk tea?

By the time I got back to the table
 Our pot was on the burner
and heating up.

We ordered the shabu shabu (left)
and sukiyaki (right)

One thing I learned about Mo-Mo Paradise,
all of their sauces come from Japan.

One of my biggest dislikes about having
sukiyaki here in the U.S. is that the
sauces are always too sweet or taste bottled.

The Mo-Mo Paradise sauces
are balanced and very good.

 Our meat has arrived at the table,
we opted for both beef and pork.

Nice marbling 

 We were instructed to place the larger
vegetables at the bottom first.

Don't worry if you're not going to remember
the sukiyaki steps,
they're here to help.

Adding the meat on the vegetables

Once cooked,
you can dip the meat in the pasteurized egg
(it's up to you).

This is one of the best sukiyakis I've had
outside of Japan AND it's all-you-can-eat too.
The shabu shabu sauces are really good too,
they should, they all come from Japan.

Yup, I'll be back!

17596 Colima Road
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Thank You!
Mo-Mo Paradise
David Chen
Anthony Hayashi
Len Hayashi

NOTE:  I was a guest of Mo-Mo Paradise
and thank them for the invitation and their hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi

Monday, March 28, 2016

Snowopolis - A Dessert Haven!

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I've had a hard time finding a good shave ice
place in the San Gabriel Valley.

 One place that was brought to my attention
via social media is Snowopolis
in Montebello.

I've seen a lot of pictures and positive comments
from fellow Instagramers.

 Snowopolis isn't your typical shave ice or
ice cream place.  The lighting is more night club,
but with all of the colors in their desserts, it works!

Since shave ice is what they do,
we ordered a 4 flavor one.

See What Jay Eats...

 Yup, it was larger than my head
AND 100 tropical flavors to choose from.

I loved the "Tiger Blood" flavor,
something you should order when
you go.

Besides the flavoring, the ice was
shaved well and I'll be back for that again.

The other thing on their sign
was "Build-A-S'more"
So, we had to try

 We had a choice of different chocolates,
toppings, and even marshmallows.

 I had to get the Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
to have with my s'more.  We had fun creating
our own s'mores, lots of options too.

This is something great for a family or group
and fun to create your own.

We couldn't decide on the "Build-A-Cookie" or what's next,
until we saw this on the wall...
Yup, had to order a Krispy Kreme Ice Cream Doughnut!

 A Vanilla with Strawberries

And a Chocolate Mint with Coconut

Nuff said...

We all left with smiles on our faces!
We didn't get to "Build-A-Cookie"
but that will have to be for another time.

When I first walked in, I noticed that everyone
had smiles on their faces, now I know why!

Here's what my friends at 
Girls On Food had to say HERE

1467 N Montebello Blvd
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 434-8006

Thank You!

NOTE:  I was a guest of Snowopolis
and I thank them for their invitation and their hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi