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Filipino Pop-up (New) - Mari Los Angeles

Having grown up near Historic  Filipinotown, the Echo Park area  of  Los Angeles, I’m somewhat  familiar with  Filipino food. BUT there weren’t  any places to get Filipino food back then. So, I had to get invited to my Filipino friends’ family parties. (did I say that out loud?) These days, there are many venues one can find Filipino dishes, both fast casual and sit down establishments. What about modern or elevated Filipino food? AND on the Westside  of Los Angeles? Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang Mari Los Angeles in Century City has a Modern Filipino Inspired  Pop-up  this Summer! Located in Mari’s outdoor patio at the InterContinential Where’s That? In the shadow of Nakatomi Plaza, lies the  InterContinential  Los Angeles in Century City. If you’re a Die Hard fan, then you’d recognize this building. If not, it’s the Fox Plaza building, adjacent to the Fox studio lot. Happy 30th Birthday, Nakatomi Plaza! Now back to the food... “KAIN” in Tagalog means to “Eat” So let’s Eat! Photo Cou

Hatch Yakitori + Bar (New) - “Black Omakase”

I’ve walked by this place  a few times before for their opening. Hatch Yakitori + Bar at  The Bloc  in Downtown LA. Well, today’s the day I get to sit down and sample the menu! I started with the Coconut Matcha, which was refreshing on a warm evening. You can sit inside, but tonight was a warm summer  evening and we decided to dine alfresco. The view above from the outside tables. Hard to believe that the Aon Building  was once the tallest building this side of the Mississippi River at one time. (From 1973 to 1989) See What Jay Eats... at this modern yakitori Miso Pork Spare Ribs  Miso caramel, slow cooked pork ribs, spice blend and green onions. Soboro Rice Marinated ground chicken  and quail egg yolk over rice. What’s a Yakitori place  without having Yakitori? Yup, we had a lot... What’s a chicken place with eggs? OK, these aren’t chicken eggs... BUT, they were still good. You can’t come to Hatch without having the Chicken Meatball stick. Dip the meatball in the sous vide yolk  and