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Preview: Sunset & Dine in Hollywood - 2014

I was invited to the preview of the 3rd Annual Sunset & Dine , a celebration of the area's culinary concepts and the community in Hollywood.  Organized by the Central Hollywood Coalition and presented by The Los Angeles Film School, I was able to get a taste of what Sunset & Dine is all about. I grew up not too far from Hollywood, we'd go to the Chinese Theater for movies, Tower Records for music, and various venues to see bands.  I guess in those days, I never really thought of Hollywood as a place for food.   Over the years, I've noticed that new places were opening up, but they weren't just 'new' places, they were creative concepts.     See What Jay Eats... at Sunset and Vine Our first stop was at "Field Trip at the Farmer's Kitchen" I've been wanting to come to Field Trip , but they're only open until 3 pm. Being invited to a special evening tasting is a special treat!  From the cold b

Ramen Monday - Little Tokyo Hakata Ramen - September 15th

It's Ramen Monday! Last week was the celebration of Shin Sen Gumi's 3rd Anniversary of their Little Tokyo location and had their Hakata Ramen for $3 a bowl!!! (9/8 to 9/11) I usually don't go to Shin-Sen-Gumi's promotions because a lot of people show up. But this was a bit different, I was in the area AND could have a late lunch / early dinner today. Met up with a couple of friends and didn't have to wait long (about 20 mins at 2 pm) We didn't get a table, but did sit at the counter overlooking the kitchen. Not really a line to get in this afternoon, but at least they were prepared (1:50 pm Tuesday) See What Jay Eats... Hakata Ramen $3 a bowl AND they offered Extra Noodle too. Photo Courtesy of Conan O'Brien Keizo Shimamoto explains the proper way to eat ramen on Conan O'Brien Watch it HERE Happy 3rd Anniversary Shin-Sen-Gumi Little Tokyo! Photos by Jay Terauchi Jay Ea

Upcoming September 626 Night Market - 2014

This is the 3rd and Final 626 Night Market at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia for 2014. Celebrating the End of Summer! Here's what I'm looking forward to this weekend... Photo Courtesy of Oh Thit! Rainbow Tacos from Oh Thit!   (F19)  A lemongrass pork grilled to perfection with fresh cabbage, onions, cilantro, topped with the special Oh Thit! sauce on a warm corn tortilla. I did get to sample the work-in-progress version and THAT was good OR should I say "Thit!" was good! I love tacos, this one had a nice kick with the flavorful pork. 20" Satay (The longest satay at a Night Market) from Aunty Merry   (E07) Chicken, Angus Beef, and Chicken Curry satay available. I've had their satay and Indonesian corn at a previous 626 and was very good.   This week has been quite warm and just thought to check the weather for this weekend in the San Gabriel Valley. It's Gonna be a Hot One! Here

Ramen Monday - The Original Ramen Burger L.A. Grand Opening - September 8th

This is a special edition of Ramen Monday,  the Grand Opening of The Original Ramen Burger L.A.    Friday, September 5, 2014 The Grand Opening! The Original Ramen Burger team set up shop in the kitchen at Lock and Key on Vermont Ave in KTown. You can order from the takeout window, or go inside Lock and Key and can order at a table or the bar. If you follow me, you saw some behind-the-scenes of the pre-opening tasting  HERE If not, follow me on Twitter and Instagram The Ramen Burger creator, Keizo Shimamoto , was in town for an appearance on Conan O'Brien  on Thursday, September 4th. After the taping on Thursday, about 30 studio audience members showed up to buy a Ramen Burger. I have a feeling there'll be a lot people from out-of-town in line... If you missed the show, watch it HERE See What Jay Eats... The Grand Opening Party was at Lock and Key , beer provided by Asahi Beer. I love Supe