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Pink Taco Truck (New)

You might have seen the Pink Taco Truck L.A. around town at various events.
Not your typical taco truck, using local and farm-fresh ingredients.
I was invited to the media preview at the Pink Taco restaurant on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. They had their taco truck parked outside.
Pink Taco Truck LA aka "The L.A. Woman"
You probably remember the song, "L.A. Woman" by the Doors.
Did I just show my age???
Tonight's Menu on the 32" monitor at the back of the truck
With a lot of goodies to try, and since I'm a taco guy, it had to be a taco order.
While waiting for my order, I got to sample the Watermelon aqua fresca.
I'm ready to eat now.
See What Jay Eats... My tacos were ready, so it was time to go inside the restaurant and try some Pink Taco Truck tacos.
(Top) Brisket Taco (Middle) Al Pastor Taco (Bottom) Pink Taco (chicken)

The Pink Taco restaurant  had a table waiting for us and was nice enough to let us   sample 3 of their popular cocktails and margarita too.

Al Pastor

Trejo's Cantina (New) - Hollywood

Trejo's Cantina in Hollywood
You're probably saying, that guy looks familiar...
Could it be Danny Trejo?
You might remember him from his character, Machete.
Interesting note, we both grew up in Echo Park.

Regardless, he and 2 other partners opened Trejo's Tacos on La Brea to positive reviews.
One thing about Trejo's Tacos, there's something for everyone, including vegan and soy tacos.
I've attempted twice to stop at the La Brea location, but the lines were so long, I ended up at their neighbors' Top Round Roast Beef.

BUT, this new place in Hollywood is their Cantina.
Same great tacos at Trejo's Cantina tho.

BUT, they also have... Over 30 California Craft Beers on Tap
I was invited to a private beer pairing at Trejo's Cantina and Finally got to sample their famous tacos with some California craft beer.

See What Jay Eats...

Tekka Maki Sushi

Do you know Tekka Maki? 
Tekka Maki
It's a single item sushi roll, also known as hosomaki, with nori (seaweed) on the outside and one item on the inside.  Fill this roll with tuna and it's called Tekka Maki.
An interesting story, this roll was created for gamblers as a  snack item (or sandwich like) at casino-type places called "tekkaba" and hence the name "Tekka Maki" or Gambling place or casino (tekka) roll (maki).
With the seaweed on the outside, the gamblers' fingers wouldn't get sticky from the rice.

Now you know more about your sushi.

Photo by Jay Terauchi Jay Eats Worldwide ©Jay Terauchi

SpireWorks DAS (New) - Westwood

Photo Courtesy of SpireWorks DAS
You might have passed this nondescript covered up storefront, the former Five Guys location, in Westwood.
I know I did.
I was fortunate to get a sneak peak of this new concept of Döner Kebab at the media preview of SpireWorks DAS.

What's a Döner Kebab???
A Döner Kebab is a Turkish kebab, where the meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. This method lets the fat drip down the meat and keeps the flames from burning it.
The various meats here are cooked similar to shawarma, gyros, and al pastor. Did someone say tacos???  lol
The sliced meat is traditionally served on a plate with various accompaniments or stuffed in a pita like a sandwich.
But... SpireWorks is different, they give you "Permission to Explore" and be different if you feel so inclined.

As you walk into SpireWorks, you're greeted by a destination board.
Arrivals are preset combinations from different parts of the world. Departures are, well you set your destination and customize your order.
First, y…