Coco Bread Sandwich with Jerk Chicken

Who Doesn't Like
Jerk Chicken???

OK, I'm Sure There Are Some,
A Few,
One, Maybe Two...

This is Maybe My 
Favorite Sandwich!

At least the one I think about when wanting 
a great 'Sandwich' comes to mind.

Chef Yonette
serves this sandwich
as an every so often special
at her restaurant,
Caribbean Gourmet in San Gabriel, CA.

The sandwich consists of Jerk Chicken and a Slaw for texture and balance
on a house-made Coco Bread, a buttery soft circular flat bread
(aka "Butter Flap" in Guyana)

Like most awesome sandwiches, it's the bread that makes it great.

As I pick-up my sandwich
on Sandwich Saturday.

Whenever I pick up pastries or patties from Caribbean Gourmet,
it's very hard to make it home.

Smelling the Jerk Chicken...

See What Jay Eats...

Yup, I caved and it didn't make it home...

Follow Caribbean Gourmet's IG account and Stories
for the next Jerk Chicken Sandwich Special Saturday.

On sandwich day, be sure to be there at Noon,
as there's probably a line and they'll sell out fast.

BTW, they have a vegan version with
a Portabello Mushroom too.

at Blossom Market Hall
264 S Mission Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Until we eat again...


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