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2013 Los Angeles Ramen Yokocho Fest

RAMEN TIME! Last Sunday, I was helping out my friend Keizo Shimamoto and the Original Ramen Burger and Today I'm at the Ramen Yokocho Fest! I have to admit, I haven't really had a lot of ramen lately, if you follow me on Instagram , you know I eat more Vietnamese pho. I do have my ramen favorites. When I do eat ramen, my favorite is  tonkotsu (pork broth) Our goal today was to try places from outside of the Los Angeles area. Hearing and seeing pics of yesterday's madness, we decided to get there early, about 9:15 am. About a 100 people in front of us. The gates open at 10 am. By the time we got in, it was just after 10:30. After you purchase your food and drink tickets, you enter the festival grounds. Ramen = $8 Sodas = $2 Water = $1 With tickets in hand, you look for the  end of the line of the ramen you want to try. I wanted to try the only vendor from Japan, Kitakata Ramen Bannai and

An American Spin on a Japanese Classic

The Original Ramen Burger ! The Ramen Burger Created by Keizo Shimamoto NYC's latest food craze made it's way to the West Coast for a special pop up on September 7-8, 2013. More than a 1,000 people showed up at Mitsuwa in Torrance on Saturday for one of the coveted 500 Ramen Burgers . Los Angeles Times post  Sunday's Pasadena Pop up 30 People in line at 9:30 am outside of  Osawa Restaurant When Keizo told me he was moving to Japan to study ramen, I knew he would come back with something HUGE!  It was an honor to work with him at the Pasadena pop up AND  to finally try the dish he had been working on.   Burgers Up! (cause I'm not sure how to say it in Japanese...) Just before 11 am, t he Pasadena Ramen Burger  Pop up  is Now Open! Keizo signed a lot of T-shirts   I didn't get an autograph, but did go home with a  stain on my shirt,  I'm a messy eater... Actually the stain