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Chengdu Taste - San Gabriel Valley

Every time I've driven by this San Gabriel Valley restaurant, I've noticed the amount of people outside waiting.  It doesn't matter what time of the day or night, there's always a line.  This tells me something must be really good AND people are willing to wait for whatever it is they're selling.  My friend Bill mentioned that he wanted to check it out and organized a group dinner, he even went early to get in line.  Before heading over to the restaurant, I took a look at Yelp to see what people were ordering.  One of the comments I saw the most, is the wait.  Be prepared to wait an hour or two, cause they only have 50 or so seats.  The dish most talked about or ordered was the "Boiled Fish in Spicy Soup."    While we waited for our table, we decided on which dishes  to order and had a plan of attack when we were seated. None of us had been there before and  I'm sure  there are other dishes  we should've tried,  but thi

Mutual Trading Co's Annual Japanese Food Expo - 2013

The 25th Annual Mutual Trading Co. Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo Pasadena Convention Center October 19. 2013 I've been going to the Mutual Trading Co Show almost every year since 2000, I even attended their show in the NY/NJ area.  Mutual Trading is one of the oldest Japanese food distributors in the U.S.  Based in the Los Angeles, MTC has sales offices in Honolulu, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boston, New Jersey, and New York.  Mutual Trading has beautiful showrooms in Los Angeles and New York City.  I should do a post on their showroom one of these days... Ready for the breaking of the  sake barrel  to open the expo  Once inside, lots of food, beverages, equipment, knives, and products of all kinds. With 88 vendors, 30 from Japan, this event had over 2,000 registered attendees. At the entrance, I ran into my friend  Tommy Kosaka (chef/owner - Sushi Dragon )  and Mr. Kosei Yamamoto (President & CEO, Mutual Trading )

Korean Duck BBQ

Restaurant has Closed Gung Jung Sulrangtang & Duck in Stanton, California For those who follow me on Instagram , know that I love Korean food.  I love eating soondubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew), bibimbap, and anything grilled.  So when I heard I can have Korean style bbq with duck, I had to check it out...  See What Jay Eats... Smoked Duck  The smoked duck comes with various vegetable  wrap options and served  with white kim chee and accompanying pickles. The smoked duck was really good, I could've eaten each component separately. Note:  I forgot to take pictures of the banchans (side dishes), was too busy enjoying the Korean food discussion, but I will say that they were delicious. The grill was brought out and was time for Duck BBQ! Gung Jung gets their ducks fresh each day, you can tell by the vibrant color. There's nothing like cooking vegetables in duck fat. I even enjoyed the red peppers, somet