majordōmo - Los Angeles

I’ve driven by this David Chang restaurant many times, majordōmo, which lies in an industrial area between Chinatown and Lincoln Heights. (Downtown Los Angeles)
Opened in January 2018,  this is David Chang’s first restaurant  in Los Angeles.
I waited for the crowds to die down, BUT it’s still a task to get a reservation.
You can come early and sit at the bar.

Sitting at the bar waiting for friends and perusing the bar menu.

with vodka, Japanese cucumber, Shiso and ginger.
I thought it had a bit too much ginger but a good cocktail.

A Mule and an Old Fashioned  walk into a bar...

Friends arrived on time for our 5:45 pm reservation  and we were promptly seated.
It’s more of an Asian Fusion menu.
NOW, what to order...

But First...
An Asian Pear app or palate cleanser, not sure (wasn’t paying attention)

See What Jay Eats...
We started with a couple of Bings (a warm flatbread for toppings)
This was the Foie Gras, Ricotta  and Jam Bing.
A “Bing” is a flour-based Chinese flatbread, right out of the oven,  they’re del…

Brunch at El Torito - Redondo Beach

I usually work on the weekends  and always miss out on brunch.
So when I was invited to  the newly remodeled El Torito on the Redondo Beach Pier, it was time to take a Sunday off.

El Torito is located upstairs on the pier.

Once seated, the drink selection is tough.
So many good margaritas or the more traditional brunch beverage, a mimosa... (bottomless mimosas too)

I could sit here all day, But it was time to checkout the buffet!

Perhaps some coffee to start?

OR Horchata and Agua Fresca?

So you can tell mom  you ate your greens...

What’s a brunch on the beach without seafood???

It was as good as it looks.

Seafood Paella

Yup, tamales too...

Rice, beans and my favorite, Huevos Rancheros 

Something for the kids...
Chicken & Mac-n-Cheese

It can’t be an El Torito event without a Taco Bar and house-made corn tortillas, right?

Lots of proteins to choose from...
If there wasn’t other food, I’d be here all day!

Can’t forget about the Waffle Bar with Churros.

Dessert Bar
Lots of good choices!

See What Jay Eats...
In honor of Jo…

Remy’s Taiwanese Cuisine (New) - City of Industry

Remy’s Taiwanese Cuisine
Grand Opening  August 30, 2018
If you miss Remy’s Noodle Palace for Taiwanese cuisine, you’re in luck!
I wasn’t able to go before they closed, but glad that after a hiatus, the chef and owners are back with  Remy’s Taiwanese Cuisine in the City of Industry.

Now in a New location but with the same great food (from what I understand).
I was impressed with food here, one of the best Taiwanese meals I’ve had.
See What Jay Eats...
Braised Pig Ears
Braised thinly sliced pig ears, great flavor.
It’s a multi-day process and worth it!

Spicy Pork Wontons in Chili Sauce

Hand-made Wontons  in a chili sauce.
The sauce has a mild kick, but you can still taste the pork wontons.

Beef Noodle Soup with Beef & Tendons 
A Taiwanese staple and very good here.

Don’t forget the sour pickled vegetables  to be added to the Beef Noodles...

House Special Pork Pot Stickers with sauce
These were some of the largest  pot stickers I’ve had. They’re also tasty too.

Fried Pig Intestine
I wanted to try this since my friend said thi…