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Tortugas Torteria Pasadena

In Spanish, "Tortugas" means Turtles. But in Mexico City, it's also slang for Torta.  What's a Torta? It's a sandwich served on an oval-shaped roll, called Telera. Tortas are both served hot or cold with different proteins, condiments, and with different types of Mexican cheeses. Opened in February 2016, just a couple of doors down from the Pasadena location of King Taco. Tortugas is opened by the same family as King Taco. Their idea is to serve authentic Mexican Tortas in Pasadena. Lots to choose from... I had a hard time choosing, but ended up ordering the Cubana (or Cuban), a Mexico City and Tortugas Favorite! Each Torta is made to order, so it might be a few minute wait. But it's worth the wait... See What Jay Eats... The Cubana The Cubana includes, a slice of pork ham, Milanesa (choose between pork, beef, or chicken), homemade chorizo, a slice of head cheese,

Midori Matcha Cafe - Little Tokyo (New)

I've been walking by this place for months and now it's open! Located in Weller Court at the corner of San Pedro and 2nd Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Midori Matcha Cafe serves Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea and desserts. I've had a lot of matcha tea and this the real deal. The menu (from my first visit in Mid-January 2017) All of the matcha is made the traditional way. By using a bamboo whisk Ceremony Matcha I learned something at Midori Matcha Cafe, it's rude to give someone a matcha tea with large air bubbles. The staff at Midori Matcha Cafe takes care of the large air bubbles before serving. Matcha Limeade I noticed on my last visit, it wasn't on the menu board anymore. Matcha Latte and Matcha Limeade Organic Matcha Soft Serve in a waffle cone. This was my favorite! And I've been back again and again and again.