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Kaiseki Bento Box (New) at Necco Restaurant

I was invited to a sneak peek of the new Kaiseki Bento Box at  Necco Japanese Tapas Restaurant  in West LA. Kaiseki Bento Box The traditional Japanese set was created by Chef Kenji Koyama and this 3 Tier set debuts on September 1, 2017. I know what a Bento Box is, what's Kaiseki? Without going into a lot of details, it's a traditional Japanese multi-course meal, featuring a simmered item, a fried item, a grilled item, etc. See What Jay Eats... Vegetable Tier Yaki Nasu:  Grilled Eggplant (Top Left) House-made Pickles (Top Right) Lotus Root & Gobo Root  with Sesame Dressing (Bottom Left) Okra Nori Goma Ae:  Okra with sesame sauce and topped with gogi berry. (Bottom Right) The okra with the sesame sauce was amazing and cooked just right, great flavor too. The eggplant was very traditional  with a dash of grated ginger. Fish/Meat Tier Albacore Nanban:  Lightly fried with a sweet sour sauce. (Top Right) Yuan Yaki Style Cod:  A miso glazed cod  (Bottom - under Lotus Root) Wagyu B

Touchdown at Trejo's Donuts!

You've probably seen this  badass on the side of the building in Hollywood. Yup, Trejo's Donuts! Today, instead of being busy with customers,  it was filled with media folks for a  special announcement. Lots of media was here, lots! Media from Russia was here too! Rams' fans in Russia??? It could happen! Danny Trejo (Right) and Los Angeles Rams' #76 Rodger Saffold (Left) announce the Los Angeles Rams Donut at Trejo's Donuts in Hollywood. Available only on game days. Perfect for any Rams' fan! IF you happen to be there on a non-game day, they still have some tasty donuts. Margarita  with Tequila, lime and salt. It does taste like a Margarita! Abuelita A Raised Donut with dark chocolate  and chocolate crumbled. Cafe con Leche A Raised Donut with Trejo's espresso, vanilla and chocolate crumble.  Pineapple Fritter A Raised Donut with Pineapple and cinnamon. Danny Trejo said it was a favorite of his. Great tasting drinks and merch too... The vegan Horchata is act

Hamilton Comes to Hollywood!

Going to "Hamilton" at the Pantages? Wondering where to eat before the show? Here's a few suggestions, all within walking distance to the Pantages. Farida (Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine) I knew by the sign on the wall I would enjoy this... See What Jay Eats... Hummus di Tahini  with Charred Shishito Peppers $10 Harissa Fries with Garlic Aioli (Very Spicy) $8 Cucumber Salad with parsley, red onion, mint, lemon and Aleppo  $9 Beet Salad with baby beets, lebneh, French feta, hazelnuts, grape molasses, beet chips, preserved lemon and mint. $14 Mountain Prep Lamb Awarma with Hummus di Tahini, 30 day cured eggplant makdous, nut & fig, sumac, soft egg, pickled  turnip, feta, watermelon radish  and beet chips. $24   Forgot to mention, they have a bar with cocktails... Farida 6266 Sunset Blvd Hollywood 90028 (323) 498-5100 Closed Sundays If you like looking over the city, you'll like this place. Filifera (Rooftop Lounge) Atop the Hollywood Proper building. Inside bar and s