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Oldest Operating McDonalds

I took a picture of the McDonalds sign in Downey, California awhile ago.  A friend asked, "why only one arch?"  I explained that this location is the Oldest operating McDonalds.  Being back in the area on business, I stopped in to grab a drink and to take some pictures. Corner of Lakewood Blvd and Florence Ave 10207 Lakewood Blvd. Downey, CA 90240 (562) 622-9248 Original 60-foot neon Speedee sign Opened on August 18, 1953, still has the red-and-white striped tile exterior, if you're old enough to remember... Ray Kroc met the McDonald brothers who had a small busy restaurant.  He built this most famous and successful fast food business Original Menu Love how simple it was back then Do you remember the paper hats?  Before Ronald McDonald, there was Speedee If you visit, they do have a small museum and gift shop. You'd have to call for the hours of the gift shop, but the museum is ope