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Hidden Little Tokyo: Fu-ga Izakaya & Bar

As part of the 130th Anniversary of Little Tokyo, I'd like to explore some of the places off the beaten path that are part of what I consider Hidden in Little Tokyo.  First is Fu-ga Izakaya & Bar on San Pedro Street, between 1st and 2nd streets. Fu-Ga is downstairs off of San Pedro Street Also participating in the Taste of Little Tokyo Get your Stamp HERE!  A modern interior that goes with the menu Izakaya  is a place to eat and drink in a casual setting. Fu-ga serves a wide range of sushi rolls, grilled meats, salads, and has a small plate menu. Open for lunch too...   Speaking of sushi I saw Jiro Ono there, the famed sushi master from "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"  Let me explain...  OK, he was on the TV monitors while I was there. He wasn't there in person... They have some private rooms available What's an izakaya without good cocktails? A Premium Cocktail Menu 

KTown Night Market: April 2014

What happens when you mix K-POP, corn-on-the-cob, some grilled meat, a fried potato, a few food trucks,  and a chance to win  a pink stuffed pig? It's the KTown Night Market! April 19 and 20, 2014 A few of my friends and I went to the inaugural KTown Night Market, there was a lot of food, entertainment, games, and food trucks. It was a great line up and lots of people showed up. Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools 701 S Catalina Street Los Angeles, CA 90005 See What Jay Eats... First Stop was the Ramen Burger, the line wasn't that long yet. While Keizo Shimamoto is opening RAMEN.Co NYC  on the East Coast, brother Jeffrey Shimamoto is handling West Coast operations. It was nice to go to a festival and not see a Ramen Burger knockoff. How do you know if it's the Original Ramen Burger? Look for Keizo Shimamoto's artwork. Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang We tried the New KTown Ramen Burger $

Dodger Stadium: New Food Items for 2014

Two of my favorite things in life, baseball and food.   I grew up in Elysian Heights, which is the next hill over from Dodger Stadium, and would go to games with my dad.  We'd have Dodger Dogs, frozen chocolate malts, a double-bagger of peanuts (for those who remember them and why), and a Cool-A-Coo.  I've been trying to calculate the number of Dodger Dogs I've had in my lifetime... From crab cakes in Baltimore, clam chowder in Seattle, fish tacos in San Diego, a BBQ stuffed potato in Houston, to Rocky Mountain Oysters in Denver, ballpark food across the country has changed.  It's no longer just hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks. Welcome to the 2014 Dodger Stadium! On this beautiful day... While the Dodgers were getting ready to face the Philadelphia Phillies We were getting ready to taste the new food  for the 2014 season With Janet Marie Smith, Dodgers' Sr VP of Planning and Development. She developed the new areas