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Gourmet Musubi Pop Up in Little Tokyo

What's a Musubi? A musubi or onigiri is pretty simple, a Japanese rice ball wrapped in seaweed. Some of the traditional filling include seaweed, a sour plum, or salted salmon. Sometimes they're dipped in furikake, which is a Japanese condiment sprinkled over rice. It includes chopped seaweed, sesame seeds, dried fish, salt, etc. You may have heard "musubi" associated with SPAM, which is a staple in Hawaii. Today, I'm with Mama Musubi My first visit to Mama Musubi was at 626 Night Market , their 24-Hour Pork Belly caught my eye and taste buds, I wasn't  disappointed. Read about my first visit to 626 Night Market . I was introduced to the Mama Musubi sibling owners, Carol and Phillip.  They invited me to a sneak peek of the menu items for an upcoming pop up in Little Tokyo. See What Jay Eats... Gyu Niku Musubi Angus Beef Ribeye and Caramelized Onions in a sweet soy sauce. It'

Sushi at Oomasa

Sushi at Oomasa Restaurant in Little Tokyo Met up with Mr. David Kudo of Sushi and Sake Magazine to talk about an upcoming food event, details to follow.  Something Good is about to Happen! See What Jay Eats...  Halibut Sushi with salt and yuzukosho Yuzukosho is a chili paste with yuzu peel (Japanese citrus)  Sea Bass Sushi  with salt and yuzukosho I love eating white fish like this, with lemon and salt or yuzukosho.  Spanish Mackerel Sushi  with ginger, green onions, and ponzu. One of my all time favorites...  Yellowtail Sushi They have a great selection of fish and seafood  Santa Barbara Prawns in miso soup. The bonus when you order amaebi (sweet shrimp) Sorry, no picture, it was gone in no time... Santa Barbara Sea Urchin It's all about eating local and Santa Barbara has the best! When I was in Japan, went to a friend's restaurant and he served uni.   I asked

My Favorite Taquitos

Here's some of my favorite taquitos in Southern California. Just a few places. See What Jay Eats...  2 Beef Taquitos with their secret avocado sauce Celito Lindo $3 Their avocado sauce is more of a liquid sauce but does have flavor.  Be sure to eat over the plate, it can get all over you. Combination #2 2 taquitos and 1 tamale with beans and cheese  Celito Lindo E-23 Olvera Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Open Daily at 9 am 2 Beef Taquitos  with fresh guacamole Should have ordered some chips with my taquitos Pepe's Mexican Food Southern California Locations 2 Taquitos Beef or Chicken Tom's Tacos with salsa and guacamole sauce ToM's TaCos Anaheim location 3024 West Ball Road Anaheim, CA 92804 Torrance location 5148 W 190th St Torrance, CA 90503 3 Chicken Taquitos   with guacamole, cheese, and lettuce. Bachan's Takeout 3 pcs for $5 Strange for an

One of My Favorites in Little Tokyo

Imagawayaki I grew up not too far from Downtown Los Angeles and Little Tokyo, so we spent a good amount of time in the area.  Remembering the places my dad would take us for treats and the restaurants we'd go to, most are no longer around.   Here's one of the memories, my sister and I were really young, we used to go with our mom to pick-up my dad when he had his office on 1st Street.  Sometimes we would wait for him by watching them make imagawayaki in the window at Mitsuru Cafe, before they moved to the Japanese Village Plaza.   Did I just show my age?   If you follow me on Instagram , you know that I sometimes stop to pick up my favorite treat when I'm in Little Tokyo. Imagawayaki is like two pancakes with sweet Azuki beans in the center. They're about the size of a hockey puck, but not as thick.   After all of these years, it still tastes the same as I remember.  This is the same griddle that I used to watch them make as a

EggSlut at Grand Central Market

If you're eating with me, you'll probably hear me say no egg.   Reason why, not many places know how to properly cook an egg.  When a place DOES know how to cook an egg, I'll order whatever with an egg and will be back.  With a name like EggSlut, I hope they know how to cook an egg. I never got out to the EggSlut food truck, but heard good things about their menu.  I was reading a post on the revitalization of the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles and I knew one of the new vendors is EggSlut.  So on a warm January Sunday, I headed down to Grand Central Market and breakfast at EggSlut. Eggslut is one of the first stalls you'll see when entering  from the Broadway entrance. See What Jay Eats...  Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich Sausage with an organic egg and cheddar on brioche $7.00 The egg was cooked perfectly, I was worried the yolk would run all over, but it was cooked just right.  Egg Salad Egg sa

Checking out the Hot Buns!

Kicking off the Lunar New Year, a group of friends and I headed to checkout some hot buns.  Might have to explain this one... Let me try again, we went to try some bao buns filled with different kinds of proteins and fillings.  We headed over to The Bun House , you might be familiar with The Bun Truck, this is their brick and mortar location which just opened. See What Jay Eats... Each order comes with 2 buns and a side salad. You can add a side of fries or sweet potato fries for $2. Beefy Korean Marinated Beef,  Tempura Fried Onions, and Aioli  $8 Spicy Pig  Spicy Pork, Cucumber, Scallions, Tzaziki, and Sriracha $8  Pork BBQ Pork Belly, Cucumber, Citrus Slaw, and Spicy BBQ Sauce $9  Katsu Crispy Chicken, Cucumber, Citrus Slaw, and Spicy BBQ Sauce $8 All of the buns seemed to have the same flavor profile with a bit spicy at the finish.  I would've liked to have each one with a difference in flavor, but i