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A New Year and a New Outlook…

Hard to believe that January is almost over. I look forward to a great year and so does the food service industry. Last week in Southern California, it rained the entire week, it’s been awhile since that has happened. Because of the rain, a few restaurant owners told me that they’re worried that business has dropped off for the week. Ahh, Southern Californians don’t go out in the rain… I mentioned to them that business will improve over the weekend and to keep focused, sunny skies forecasted for the weekend. The weather reports were correct and made me look like a genius. Most restaurant people (OK, business owners too) don’t know what’s happening around them. What’s the weather going to be next week, what other businesses are around that we can cross promote, is there a big movie at the theaters next door that I need to prepare for, or I need to have desserts on my menu but there are so many bakeries in my strip mall. Just take a look around you and see what your environment i