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Chef Battle - Albacore - July 2014

My foodie / food event friend, Kristie Hang, mentioned she was asked to judge a chef competition for charity.
The competition will be at Scott's Restaurant in Costa Mesa, I had met Executive Chef Michael Doctulero at the Taste of South Coast Plaza, hosted by Kristie Hang, so I knew it would be great and needed to invite myself.

 Beautiful Plumeria trees as you enter the restaurant.

Chef Michael says there are about 10 Plumeria trees.

You won't see these colors on the mainland.

Now for the Chef Competition Kitchen Stadium (aka Scott's Restaurant) 

Tonight's Main Ingredient

(L) Chef Aron Habiger from Northleft and 
Chef de Cuisine from Scott's Restaurant 

Allez Cuisine!
Breaking down the albacore.

Chef Aron Habiger
of Northleft in Santa Ana 
is now plating.
See What Jay Eats...
Chef Aron Habiger's Albacore
There's nothing better than a good piece of
fish with seasonings that accent the flavor.
This was very good!

Inaugural Monterey Park Night Market - July 2014

The Inaugural Monterey Park Night Market
July 25, 2014 Barnes Park Monterey Park, California

Arrived just after 5 pm,
food trucks and booths all over the park.

It was nice to explore the park and to see food
trucks in different areas.
Saw a few familiar food vendors 

Swirls Potato and Lemonade  
Lots of flavors to choose from...

See What Jay Eats...

Tried their new flavor, Ketchup
What goes better with a fried potato than ketchup?
It was a very familiar flavor

Takoyaki from Tanota Takoyaki 
It reminds me of my last visit to Japan,
a festival street food item.

Sticky Rice is here from Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A. 
A new food item to try


Waiting for our Sticky Rice Burger, the BBQ Chicken looks good too 

 Thai Basil Pork Sticky Rice Burger

Tastemade Bite Club Farm Box

It's always nice to be invited to someone's house for dinner...
This kitchen look familiar...

Where am I?

Food, chefs, bales of hay, TV sets?

Walking into the Tastemade Studios in Santa Monica.
Got my straw hat and headed inside Tastemade and Farm Box event with a silent auction benefiting Teaching Gardens
Chefs paired with local farmers to create incredible eats.

See What Jay Eats...
Cheeseburger Dumplings getting their BLING ON from Bling Bling Dumplings
One of the first vendors I saw and friends from DTLA Night Market.
They have one of the most creative dumplings I've had. Who makes cheeseburger dumplings???

They were busy all night...
Look for them at Lucky Rice in August 2014 and watch them on CNBC's Restaurant Startup

 We started this party with some jello shots from Ludlow's Cocktails Co.