There's Nothing Like Texas BBQ

Just sharing my Central Texas BBQ trip...
October 2015

While at Dallas Love Field
waiting for my Austin connection,
had some brisket tacos at

Two BBQ Brisket Tacos with Red & Green Salsas

I was a bit surprised how good the brisket was
at the airport.  The salsas needed a kick tho.
This was good airport food...

What's a trip to Austin without Franklin Barbecue?

Maybe this should've been my last BBQ stop...

This was one of the most incredible pieces
of beef I've had, with maybe the exception of 
Kobe Beef (Wagyu A5).

To my critics who tell me they would never
wait 3 hours, you'll never know...

Read my Franklin Barbecue adventure HERE

Didn't have a chance to drive out to The Salt Lick,
but my friend Diane made sure I took home some
 of their BBQ sauce.

It's on my list for the next Austin trip,
I want to see their open pit in person.

One of my Austin friends
was told of a BBQ taco place
is open for breakfast,
but their bbq tacos not served until 11 am.

We opted to wait the 30 mins,
it was a nice landscaped area
with picnic tables.  The smoker was on
a trailer to the right of the order window.

BTW, this is located at a gas station,
some good BBQ places are at gas stations.

Cowboy and BBQ Brisket Tacos
$5 each

Cowboy Taco:  pulled pork, house slaw, and BBQ sauce
Brisket Taco:  sliced brisket, tangy slaw, and BBQ sauce  

The tortillas on both tacos were excellent
(it's a Tex Mex place).
I enjoyed the Cowboy one more than the brisket taco.

This place started to get crowded
at 11 am.

Headed over to Dallas...
My friend knows I love corn, she said I needed
and their creamed corn.  She said, "it's like candy."

It was late and didn't feel like eating a lot,
since tomorrow would be another full day
of food and eating.  So this was just a snack...

With 1/2 lb of baby back ribs ($8.49) and a small
creamed corn ($1.99).  OK, I had to get BBQ too...

It was good, I would've eaten more too.
But it was just enough, esp since it was late.

I was told I needed to try the Green Chili Stew
next time, duly noted.

Rudy's has locations all over the South,
search for locations HERE

Next day, I was meeting my friend Kelly.
She wanted to take me to Sammy's BBQ in Dallas.

But she had an afternoon engagement in Frisco, 
So, I looked up where the local pit masters go to eat.
Found 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House close by.
One menu item that caught my eye
was the Brisket Frito Pie

With brisket, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese
over Fritos and topped with red onions.

I figure that I was in Dallas (home to Frito-Lay),
this is a must order and it was really good!

I think pulled pork would've worked too.

For dinner, Kelly wanted to take me for Tex Mex
I knew this would be good, they make
fresh tortillas in the window as you walk in.

While we waited for a table, their claim to fame,
they served the World's First Frozen Margarita.
With a variety of original hand crafted margaritas 
and a selection of frozen ones too.

Kelly ordered the steak fajitas.

The beef was tender and flavorful.
I think next time, I'll just order a steak,
it was that good!

I told Kelly that we can hold off on Sammy's BBQ
for my next trip to Dallas, since it's a place she likes
and they're closed on Sundays.

Sunday morning, I headed over to

I knew I found the right place, when I saw a line
outside of the door.

 Once inside, the place was packed!
They also have seating at the bar and
outside patio.

Menu Board at Pecan Lodge 

I ordered the 2 Meat + 1 Side Combo

 Pork Ribs and Brisket
(pickles and onions too)

Nice smokey flavor on both proteins,
it didn't need any bbq sauce.

When I saw "Mac N Cheese w/Bacon"
I knew I had to get this side.

I was a bit disappointed,
it was a bit too gooey for me.
The bacon did have a nice smokey flavor...

Before heading to the airport,
knew I had to bring some BBQ home.
Last Stop... Lockhart Smokehouse in Plano

Once I got out of the car, I could smell the smokey
goodness and knew I was in the right place.
BTW, I parked a block away.

One could never have enough BBQ, right?

Inside the doors, you can see the cutting table at the end
of the room and all of the proteins being sliced and packed. 
I ordered a lb of half fatty/half lean brisket ($8.99/half lb),
pork ribs ($7.29/half lb), and a sausage ($5) 
which was wrapped in paper.

They had prime rib that day, but I stuck with a lb of brisket.

Part of a famous BBQ family, Lockhart Smokehouse
gets the sausages from their cousin's restaurant, Kreuz Market.
The Kreuz Original Sausage is from a 110 year old recipe.

Here's what Daniel Vaughn (@BBQsnob) said about
Lockhart Smokehouse/Kreuz sausage.

Brisket and Sausage
(ribs not shown)

Of course I needed to get the Holy Trinity of Texas Barbecue,
brisket, ribs, and sausage.

Brought it home for some friends to enjoy
and enjoy they did!

On this trip, I had some BBQ favorites and there were some
misses too.  Regardless, I enjoyed spending time with 
my friends as we enjoyed some good Central Texas BBQ.
It's always about the company...

I didn't only have BBQ on this trip, I also went to Uchi Austin.
Read my Uchi dinner HERE

Let me know what other Texas BBQ places I should
try on my next visit to Central Texas.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


Unknown said…
So - was the corn like candy???
Jay Eats said…
Yes, the creamed corn was very good.

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