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 Tera & Uchi

Over 10 years ago (or so) I became aware of Uchi in Austin while 
perusing the Chefwear catalog.  I was interested in what
Chef Tyson Cole was doing in Central Texas.  The food looked
amazing and has been on my list of restaurants to visit on my
next visit to Austin.  

One of the things I looked forward to was visiting
the restaurant.  Since "Uchi" is part of my last name,
I knew it meant 'house' in Japanese.  The restaurant is 
a refurbished old house that has a contemporary feel to it,
and compliments it's contemporary Japanese menu.

My trip to Austin was for a meeting,
but also to eat BBQ, read my Texas adventure HERE

I was fortunate that my friend Diane is also a fan of Uchi
and it was almost too easy to get her to join me for dinner.

Based on knowing their fish is coming from Tsukiji Fish
Market in Tokyo, I knew it would be good.
But I wanted to try some of the dishes from the kitchen.

Diane selected a few favorites
and then I selected the rest.

See What Jay Eats...
(I do apologize for the quality of the pictures)
 Hama Chili
(Happy Hour)

Baby yellowtail with Thai chili, orange supreme,
ponzu, and topped with daikon sprouts.

This was the perfect starter,
yellowtail with orange and chili.

 Machi Cure
(Happy Hour)

Smoked yellowtail with Marcona almonds,
Asian pear, and garlic brittle on a Yucca crisp.

Nice textured dish, had a hard time
keeping the almond on the crisp.
I might have to knock off the smoked yellowtail...


With imitation crab and shrimp baked inside
half an avocado and topped with bonito flakes
and scallions.

This was comfort food, the creamy avocado
with the crab and shrimp served out of the oven.

 Karaage Chicken

Japanese fried chicken

Not my favorite dish of the evening,
it was a bit too sweet for me
and maybe I missed why the pickles
were on this dish.  BTW, I love pickles.

 Bacon Steakie

Tender pork belly with watermelon radish,
citrus, and Thai basil.

When in Texas, needed to have a pork
protein and this was very good.


Sea bass with orange oil, garlic, black pepper,
and served with a citrus vinaigrette.

I loved this dish, but then again, I love
white fish and citrus. 

From the Tsukiji Selection
(Tsukiji is the fish market in Tokyo)
Aji Sushi

One of my favorite sushi selections,
Aji is a horse mackerel.

I figured that I should order a piece of sushi
here to be able to round out

We skipped dessert to get to the bridge
before dusk to see the bats.

This experience at Uchi lived up to my expectations.
Chef Tyson Cole's innovative Japanese offerings are
unique without being Asian fusion (which I dislike). 

If you don't have a chance to visit Austin, Uchi
has locations in Dallas and Houston.

I'll definitely be back again and again.

801 South Lamar
Austin, TX 77006
(512) 916-4808

Open for Dinner Nightly

Thank You!
Jenn Morton

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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