My 2014 Food Favorites of the 626 Night Market Season

Now that the 2014 

626 Night Market Season is Over,

Here are My 2014 Food Favorites
(Not in any order)

The Surf & Turf Ramen Burger

The Specialty Ramen Burger 
at the July 626 Night Market

As most of you know, I'm friends with the creator of the original 
Ramen BurgerKeizo Shimamoto, and a fan of his creation.  
I've tried each of the specialty burgers and my favorite is the 
Surf & Turf with an Angus beef patty and a salmon patty 
(this one had La Sriracha Macha too - see below).

See the background story on the Surf & Turf Ramen Burger
and checkout their first L.A. brick and mortar location

Rainbow Tacos

One of two Rainbow Tacos 
from Oh Thit! at the
September 626 Night Market
and October OC Night Market.

IMO, Oh Thit! has one of the best skewers at 626 Night Market.

A lemongrass grilled pork with fresh cabbage, onions, cilantro,
and topped with the special Oh Thit sauce on corn tortillas.
The lemongrass pork has great flavor and the Oh Thit sauce
has a nice kick on the finish.  

If you're not in the mood for tacos, try their filet mignon skewer 
or roasted corn with scallion oil.

Follow them for their upcoming events HERE

Red Velvet Bubble Waffle with Mochi

at the September 626 Night Market

I'm not really a fan of Red Velvet, but Puffect Bakery Cafe made a 
believer out of me.  They suggested adding mochi to my waffle, 
to my surprise,  it was really good.  

Honorable Mention goes to their bubble waffle with  Banzai Jerky's 
Bacon Jerky.  I was going to share it with others, 
but ended up eating the whole thing myself.

Visit Puffect Bakery Cafe at their store in Walnut.

The La Sriracha Macha Shark Taco

From the makers of La Sriracha Macha,
the Shark Taco from the July and September
626 Night Market in Arcadia.

I LOVE tacos and what goes better with a flavorful Asian and Mexican
Sriracha? How about...SHARK!  
Thankfully, it wasn't something heard at the beach.
Shark is one of those proteins that if over-cooked, it gets really dry fast,
but Lincoln Lee (La Sriracha Macha creator) knows how to cook shark.
It went really well with their sauce.

Now that the Night Market season is over,
you can buy La Sriracha Macha online HERE

Uni Cream Tater Tots

at the DTLA Night Market

Just before the DTLA Night Market in June, I wrote about using
social media to look for food finds at the Night Market.
See my Night Market Survival Guide HERE

Since I was working at one of the booths, I didn't have time to
walk around like I usually do.  So I took my advice and saw
a few people talking about the tater tots with uni cream.
I'm glad I tried it and loved their other menu items.

Follow Lotza Tots to see what's next HERE

The Crack Bacon & Avocado Musubi

at the July 626 Night Market

I've been a fan of Mama Musubi and have been fortunate 
to collaborate with them.  They use quality products in their 
musubis and have a variety of non-traditional fillings.  

It was a hard decision to pick my favorites, but knew this musubi 
needed to be on the list.  The Crack Bacon & Avocado musubi 
stuck in my mind.   Sugar and spiced caramelized bacon served 
with avocado aioli AND who doesn't like bacon???

Follow Mama Musubi on Facebook HERE

UFO Fried Mussels

From Pop'd Up
at October OC Night Market

Mussels in a fried batter, reminds me of something similar to takoyaki.
It was delicious and a complement to their Thai desserts and drinks.  

If mussels aren't your thing, try their mixed seafood.
Each was very good and while you're there, 
checkout their traditional Thai popsicle maker.

Follow Pop'd Up on Facebook HERE

Pho Taco

From Rakken
at the July 626 Night Market
and October OC Night Market.

If you follow me, you know I LOVE pho!
It tasted like pho, but in a taco.

Follow me on Instagram for my noodle obsession

Honorable Mentions
They're just as good...

Maple Bacon Croissant Donut Burger

Photo Courtesy of Chomp Eatery
(shared booth with La Sriracha Macha)
at the September 626 Night Market
(one appearance only)

Thanks to Kelsey at Pop'd Up, got to meet Chomp Eatery
and tried their Maple Bacon Croissant Donut Burger.
I've had donut burgers before and they taste like a 
donut burger.  But Chomp Eatery used an inverted 
croissant donut with good products.  The maple bacon 
got me to try and I was SOLD!

It was so good, will have to visit Chomp Eatery at their 
Santa Monica location for another one.


From Roasted Corn
at May and October OC Night Market
and July, August, and September 626 Night Market.

When I think of summer festivals, I think of corn on the cob.
So simple, but it reminds me of summer and growing up
in Los Angeles.  
Elote or Mexican style corn, I like mine with mayo, butter,
cheese, and I add some lime juice and other seasonings.
It's not anything special, just good in my book.

Corn with a C!

Mochi Puffs

at the July and August 626 Night Market

These mochi coconut cream puffs made their Southern California
appearance at 626 Night Market in Arcadia at Mama Musubi.
They're about the same size as mochi ice cream, but instead
of dairy, it's coconut cream (so no dairy) and VERY GOOD!
They come in 5 flavors, mango, yuzu (Japanese citrus),
green tea, chocolate, and strawberry.

Maybe Mama Musubi will have them again in the future.

The Ramen Burger Keychain

at the May OC Night Market

May the Ramen Burger be with you Always!

Get one at their L.A. brick and mortar location
at Vermont and 3rd in Koreatown.

More info on the brick and mortar opening HERE

Ahi Poke Taco with Uni

My collaboration with Mama Musubi
at the September 626 Night Market
(the quail egg was part of the secret menu)

It was a hit with customers AND of course,
it was one of my favorites...
(YES, I'm Bias!)

What could be better?  Ahi poke
with uni and a quail egg.
Nuff said...

NOTE:  I've collaborated with Mama Musubi on a couple of menu items.
They were kind enough to open their kitchen and we were able
to create some good stuff and I thank them for the opportunity
to work with them and their staff.


I hope you were able to attend one of the 2014 626 Night Markets,
either in Arcadia, Orange County, or in Downtown Los Angeles.

With over 130 food vendors, there's something for everyone.

One reason why I love street food is
being able to sample a lot of food items
all in one place.

Follow 626 Night Market for their 2015 schedule.

Thanks for Following 
See you in 2015!

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Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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