Night Market Survival Guide

It's Night Market Season Again!

With the popularity of Night Markets in Asia, we're
fortunate to have some good ones in Southern California.
It's a great place to try all kinds of food,
entertainment, and shopping
All in One Place! 

So much to see and do at a Night Market.

The best thing, it's street food and
most prices are between $3 - $8.
(items such as lobster are at a higher price)

Here's my Night Market 
Survival Guide

Just some helpful hints...

1.  Want some good stuff to eat? Plan to arrive Early.

Once the sun sets, you can expect lines getting into the parking lot AND lines getting into the event grounds.  Hence the name Night Market.

Once inside, be prepared to stand in line for one of the more popular vendors.

If you want to try something popular,
like the Original Ramen Burger,
plan on waiting.

Speaking of lines,
when you're at Mama Musubi,
order more than one.

You're going to like it and wished you had ordered more,  
cause it's back to the end of the line if you don't.

2.  Have an idea of what you want to see, do, or eat.

If you can, see what others at the Night Market are eating and posting on social media.  With over a 130+ vendors and food trucks, you'll miss a thing or two. 

Now's the chance to use that Twitter account you set up 4 years ago or the Instagram account that you have cause someone told you to set up one.  Yes, that account!

Too many choices and you need help...

Follow on Twitter
@626NightMarket @DTLANightMarket @KTownNightMRKT 

Follow on Instagram

Kristie posting her latest food find.

Follow @KristieHang to see what she recommends.

Read her LA Weekly post
on the 2014 DTLA Night Market
foods not to miss HERE

Checkout the map online before you arrive
or see the map at the information booth

Map for DTLA Night Market
June 20 & 21, 2014

3.  Try something new!

They're always something new to try.  Especially with different street style foods available, you can try a variety of foods from different lands all in one place.  

Try the Elote
(Mexican corn-on-the-cob)

With mayonnaise, lime, cheese, seasoning, etc.

It's truly corn with a C!

Deep Fried Stinky Tofu

It doesn't taste like it smells...

Whole Fried Squid
you get to choose your flavor seasonings

4.  Bring some friends and share food & information

Photo Courtesy of Jodi Fung
Meet up with friends

Ran into my friend Jodi and her family
at Santa Anita Park.

Jodi gave me the 411 on what they liked and
what not to miss.

OR bring a friend to take the first bite...

With James Beard nominee, Chef Jeff Osaka
in Denver.

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
It also helps to have friends wait in different lines,
you'd be able to try more items.

If you want to try other things, you probably won't be
able to eat an entire potato yourself.

This is where the friends come in to help finish it.

Some items come in orders of 6,
don't fill up on 1 dish,

I view Night Markets as a chance to taste a variety of food offerings.  
Some of the food you'll like and some you won't.  
Go with an open mind and empty stomach.

6.  Don't forget about the entertainment

After you've walked around and tried a lot of food,
take a break and checkout the entertainment. 
Then head back to eat more afterwards...

7.  Look for the food trucks

Sometimes they're located in an out of the way area.  You never know, the truck you've been chasing all over town might be there OR you can try something new.  

Fluff Ice

Look for the short lines at a truck you want to try.

8.  What I've learned at Night Markets...

(bits of octopus in a batter)

Be careful, the insides are really hot (temperature hot).

Avoid the full portions, unless you really want it.
Don't get filled up on one item.

Some of the trucks might have special menu
items for the Night Market.

Look for the specials...

9.  Have Fun!

Night Markets are casual and fun.  It's filled with food, entertainment, shopping, and there's something for everyone.

The Original Ramen Burger Keychain
(it's not a knockoff, it's the original)

May the Ramen Burger be with you, always...

See you at the Night Market!

Thank You!
Jodi Fung

Follow me for #DTLANightMarket food:

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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