Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto's First L.A. Brick and Mortar

Los Angeles has a lot of ramen places.  Depending if you like tonkotsu (pork broth), tsukemen (dipping ramen), or even a good shoyu (soy sauce), everything comes in a bowl.

Last year, Keizo Shimamoto created a ramen item that you can eat without a bowl.  His creation, what I call "An American Spin on a Japanese Classic", was introduced and people lined up for this new ramen item.  Not just lines in New York and Los Angeles, but in Hawaii people showed up hours before the pop-up opened...  There are a lot of copycats out there, my cousin showed me an ad for one yesterday, I had to tell her it's a knockoff.  Well, the Ramen Burger West Coast now has a L.A. home!

Photo Courtesy of Backyard Bite  
Behind the line at Lock and Key
is a small service window.

Soon to be home to the much anticipated 
Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto

Jeff Shimamoto (Keizo's brother) invited us to 
meet the crew and see the behind the scenes of 
this new brick and mortar location in KTown.

The Original Ramen Burger

In less than a year, I've been to each Ramen Burger
pop-up venue, except for the 1st one in Torrance
(1,200 people show up for 500 RB).

I've tried each of the RB specials, 
including the KTown RB (KTown Night Market), 
the Shredded Beef (OC Night Market),
and the La Sriracha Macha (DTLA Night Market)

But I was really interested when Jeff told
me about their latest creation...

The special Ramen Burger being assembled for us.

Go Ramen! Go Life!

The Salmon Ramen Burger!

This is a great alternative and still can
enjoy the flavors of Keizo's secret sauce.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it...

Since a RB Super Fan couldn't decide if he wanted
to try the OG Ramen Burger or the new Salmon one,
a combo was created!

Backyard Bite stated it's a "Surf and Turf"
and history was made...

@Chef_Jay, @BackyardBite, @KristieHang, @Tammylalaland

Just when we thought we had a great tour
of the new L.A. Ramen Burger brick and mortar,
got to try the new Salmon RB,
Jeff says he has something NEW for us to try...

It reminds me of the Apple keynote addresses and 
Steve Jobs would say there's
"one more thing..."

We all said "WHAT????"

No Way!

A Ramen Churro Ice Cream Sandwich!

I've tried many many food concept items and most of
the time, I have to either fix them or figure out how to sell it.
Not because Keizo and Jeff are friends of mine,
and I don't say this often,
but this is a HIT!

Cinnamon sugar ramen buns with ice cream
may not sound good, but the flavors went
well together and really good for a first try.

If you read the group's posts and video,
I think we're all in agreement,
this was an unexpected homer!

Since we're at Lock and Key
We met owner Cyrus and he gave us a taste of two cocktails,
Strawberry Mule and Razzle Dazzle.

Lock and Key is a neighborhood mixology bar serving
specialty craft cocktails, beer, wine, AND Ramen Burgers!

The Ramen Burger brick and mortar location is the kitchen
for Lock and Key.

For Tasting Purposes Only

It was a great afternoon and look forward to the soft opening,
beginning August 1st (Thursdays to Saturdays evenings)
and the Grand Opening on September 2, 2014 
(Open every evening, except Mondays)

The Original Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto.

a great hot sauce, I had to get another bottle for myself.

There will be future collaborations with
other food notables in the area,
stay tuned...

Lock and Key
239 S Vermont Ave (at 3rd Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Thank You!
Jeff Shimamoto
Keizo Shimamoto
Lock and Key
Ramen Burger Crew

NOTE:  I was a guest of the Ramen Burger and thank them
for their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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