Recap - July 2014 626 Night Market

After events in Orange County and Downtown Los Angeles,
it's good to be back where it all began,

In the 626!

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
Perfect Timing,
we seemed to arrive at the front gate at the same time.
With food writer and 626 Night Market veteran Kristie Hang
and 626's Alexander Siu

Read Kristie Hang's post HERE

With over 200 food and merchandise vendors, entertainment, 
an art walk, carnival games, food trucks, and a fashion show,
we've got a lot of 626 ground to cover...


We hooked up with the 626 Night Market PR and video
crew and checked out a few vendors with them.

626 Night Market spokesperson, Aileen Xu,
samples the fried wontons with nutella from Grubco.

First stop, LotZA Tots.

You may remember that I used social media at 
DTLA Night Market to see what everyone was talking about
 and found their tots.
My Night Market Survival Guide HERE

We've been in touch and they let me know about their
NEW burrito making it's 626 Night Market debut.

Actually they knew what I was going to order before I could order...

They were kind enough to make their first
LotZA Tots burrito for us.

While we wait for the burrito,
Aileen is trying their tater tots.

Aileen give it thumbs up!

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang 
The FIRST LotZA Tots Burrito!

See What Jay Eats...

The burrito from LotZA Tots,
with steak and tater tots with uni cream.

I liked it, but it needed something...
Added in some La Sriracha Macha
and it was a great tasting burrito.

Funny, but the next stop was La Sriracha Macha,
home of the Mexican Sriracha.

Met Lincoln and Anderson
and told them how much I enjoy their hot sauce.

The Shark Taco
topped with La Sriracha Macha.

Shark from Australia was an upscaled
fish taco with a nice kick!

BTW, it was shark meat and not shark fin...

On Saturday, my friend tried the shark taco.
When he finished it, went back and bought a bottle.

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
The Lobster Roll

Photo Courtesy of Ramen Burger
I carried a bottle with me around 626 Night Market
and introduced it to my friends who wanted
to kick up their food purchases.

Maybe I should have passed out coupons or something,
need to talk to the La Sriracha Macha guys...

Knowing about their Mango and Black Sticky Rice,
we stopped in to say hello to Kelsey and Joy
at Pop'd Up.

What I didn't know was when you order 
a drink, it comes with a Thai popsicle.

Kelsey demonstrating how the traditional 
Thai popsicle maker works.

Popsicle flavors this weekend:
Thai Iced Tea with boba
Green Tea

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
Besides drinks and Thai popsicles at Pop'd Up,
try the Mango and Black Sticky Rice.

We stopped off at the AFC Soy Foods booth.

They were nice to give my followers a coupon
for a FREE soy pudding at 626 Night Market.

Don't worry, you can still use your coupon at the
remaining 2014 626 Night Markets in August and September

Print out the coupon and sign up for
the AFC Soy Foods newsletter HERE

Look for the AFC Soy Foods booth in August!

Next stop was Rakken.

Play Hard Eat Harder

We heard about their pho taco
and knew we had to try.

I remember them from last year, had a great
pork belly skewer.  OK, it was skewers...

The order went in for our pho taco.

The Pho Taco
from Rakken

Tasted like pho
and if you follow me, you know
I love pho...

Friday early evening
and the crowds are starting to arrive

It's a beautiful evening, not too hot.

Photo Courtesy of Mama Musubi
Stopped off at Mama Musubi to try their
new menu items for this 626.

Their Facebook Fan page hinted
"Bacon, Mochi, Crack, Puff, Nom Nom..."

They told me about it, but this was my first
taste of the new BACON item.

The Crack Bacon & Avocado Musubi

Sugar and spice caramelized bacon 
served with avocado aioli

I love bacon and avocados,
so I think you know where this is going...

So, this is the Bacon and Crack.

Mochi Puffs

Making it's Southern California debut,
these mochi puffs are filled with a
coconut cream filling.

5 difference flavors,
mango, yuzu (Japanese citrus), green tea, chocolate, and strawberry.

If you like mochi ice cream, you'll love this
non-dairy, gluten-free indulgence.

And this is the Mochi and the Puff,
just to explain the hints...

626 Night Market spokesperson, Aileen Xu,
trying the new Mama Musubi mochi puffs.

I think she liked it, cause she didn't share... lol

Churros with 2 sauces

As the sun sets on Day 1 

 It was time for
(Mexican Corn)
from Got Corn?

Love the corn in a cup (with mayo, butter, and cheese)
and was able to add in some lemon juice
and they had La Sriracha Macha on the table
so I didn't need to use my own...

I love corn!

Strawberry Egg Custard
to end the night.

Actually I ended up running into friends all night
and it was unplanned for me to stay until 1:30 am on Day 1.

DAY 2 
Begins on the high seas...

I'm a sucker for a chance to win Disneyland tickets
for my nieces and have been quite lucky in the past...  

What Floats UR Boat had a promotion,
if you buy 3 of their musubis, you get a boat.  
Check the bottom of your boat to see if you won Disneyland tickets.

The 3 musubis on their menu:

The poke had crushed hot cheetos on top
(I don't understand why...)

Let's just say, I went home with just a red boat...

from Squid Roe

It's a whole squid deep fried and 
you pick your seasoning.

Win a Mama Musubi T-shirt!

OK, so I didn't win the Disneyland tickets,
maybe a Mama Musubi T-shirt?

People showed up early on Saturday.

The weather was really nice today,
I'm sure that's why it got crowded early.

 The Crab Roll
from the Lobsta Truck

I was told I need to order the lobster,
but I've been to this truck before and
I prefer the crab (crab lover) on the New England roll.
For West Coasters, it's not a hot dog bun.

Regardless of what I should have ordered,
it was buttery good...

I've been eating for the past two days.
Watching everyone order their waffles with fruit, 
ice cream, and all of the extras.
I just opted for a plain Liege waffle 
with powdered sugar
It was just right and I got something sweet... 

Just as I was making my rounds and saying good-bye to my vendor
friends, I ran into an Orange County friend who just arrived.
He brought some hungry friends with him 
and wanted to know what I recommend.

They told me they were really hungry, 
so we headed to Oh Thit!
for some skewers.

I was finally able to stop in and see the folks at Oh Thit!
(Yes, I will stop by earlier next time)

If you haven't tried their skewers, I suggest you do.  
The filet mignon is tender and flavorful
and they do a nice job with the pork too.

They have a roasted corn with scallion oil too.

My friends ordered at least one of each and 
throughly enjoyed everything!

My first $3 SPAM Musubi 

Having been to Japan during the summer,
when I think of summer festivals, I think of Takoyaki.

Battered with octopus pieces and served with
mayo and a sweet sauce, topped with bonito flakes.

The Longest Line at 626 has to go to

No surprises here...

The special burger for this event was the
Surf and Turf Ramen Burger

A burger patty with salmon
and La Sriracha Macha.

Look for them at their new brick and mortar location,
beginning on August 1st.
Read about it HERE

It was a fun-filled, or should I say food-filled,
July 626 Night Market 2014!

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
So here's my Mama Musubi photo entry
to win a special Mama Musubi T-shirt.
Do you think I have a chance?

I thought it might help to have co-owner Phillip in the picture.
Extra points perhaps?
I should've had co-owner Carol in the picture too...
 Oh well, live and learn.

Besides all of the food, it was good seeing friends. 
Most came to share in all of the food and fun and to experience
a Night Market 626-style.  I'm glad to have met a lot of new
people and look forward to eating together again
at the next 626 Night Market.

See You in August!

This just in...
The August 626 Night Market
has been expanded to 3 days,
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

See the 6 Unexpected Food at the Night Market

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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