My Food Day Off in NYC

Welcome to New York!

 I spent two weeks in New York City working,
but had time off to checkout the food scene
(and some of my NYC favorites too).

 The day started off in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The New York Times calls Smorgasburg
"The Woodstock of Eating"
and Mario Batali calls it 
"The single greatest thing I've ever seen 
gastronomically in New York City"

So, of course it was on the list!
(the season closes on November 21, 2015 for this location)

Being toward the end of the season,
there weren't as many vendors,
but I got a great taste of what it's all about.

Something not to miss,
if you like food.

See What Jay Eats...

 The Short Rib
Bone marrow, roasted red peppers, and almond
from Carnal at Williamsburg Smorgasburg.

So tender, I could've had another one.
But more food on the way...

 Cheese Curds

Fried cheese, so good.

the place where it got it's start...

They had a line, but not as long as 626 Night Market.

 Yup, had to try the New York version,
just as good as the West Coast sibling.

 Time to catch the subway and head into Manhattan.

Where is everyone?

Am I really in New York or am I on a sound stage in Burbank?

First Manhattan stop,
Meat Packing District and Chelsea Market

 Oysters at The Lobster Place

When in NYC...

 I'm from L.A., so when you say the tacos are really good,
they'd better be...
(Chelsea Market)

They were the best I've had in NYC!

Read my "Best Tacos in New York City" HERE

Before leaving Chelsea Market,
stop at the Doughnuttery
for some mini donuts.

Check to see what their new flavors are.

 It was then onto Mario Batali's Eataly.

I could live here.

Too many good choices at Eataly.

The Grande Piatto Misto Di Salumi & Formaggi board
at Eataly

Just a snack... 

Need to do some walking now...
 One thing that I did want to do on this trip was to

 Many years ago, I came here and looked
up at the towers in amazement.

This time, I looked down in remembrance.

One World Trade Center
"Freedom Tower"
is currently the tallest skyscraper in the 
Western Hemisphere.

 Trying to figure out the Starbucks ordering system,
near Wall Street.

Keep walking...

 South Street Seaport,
another Smorgasburg venue.

I got to see this one before closing for the season.
(Closed on November 1, 2015 for the season)

Sampled the house-made mozzarella sticks
from Big Mozz
Since I missed out at Williamsburg.

 Headed Uptown to Grand Central Terminal

Didn't feel like the Oyster Bar Restaurant

 What's a trip to NYC without a stop at Shake Shack?
So, a quick burger and shake at Grand Central Terminal.

Walked over to Times Square
to check to see that it was still 2015.

Hopped on the 2 subway to 72nd Street
 I just had to...

 Or maybe I should've said "two"?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice Practice Practice...

 Trying to decide where to eat next?

I think I left my wallet in my other jacket...

Next trip.

One is the loneliest number...

Late night slice to complete
a busy day off.

Goodnight New York!

See my other NYC/Brooklyn posts,
search "JayNYC2015"

Thank You!
Jeff Shimamoto
Keizo Shimamoto

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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