Recap DTLA Night Market 2014

I didn't think I would have a recap post of this inaugural 
DTLA Night Market.  
Although I was in attendance, let me explain why...

Back in February, journalist and foodie, Kristie Hang, introduced me to the brother and sister team of Mama Musubi.  I've been a fan after having their 24 Hour Pork Belly musubi at one of last year's 626 Night Markets at Santa Anita Park.

With Mama Musubi's Carol and Phillip Kwan

We hit it off and discussed a menu idea to collaborate on.  They invited me into their kitchen and we came up with a poke idea.  Mama Musubi uses great products and you can taste the quality in their musubis, so we knew the poke had to be just as good as the rest of their menu. Thanks to Kristie Hang who announced our "secret menu" item in LA Weekly.

Now you know the background story...

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang

How could I say NO to working with one of the most popular vendors at 626 Night Market?  If you don't believe me, just look at the long lines when Mama Musubi sets up their booth.  I knew the pressure was on and didn't want to disappoint their fans. 

I heard a couple had waited in line, picked up their order of poke, and then got back in line to order another one.  Another couple had driven in from Orange County for poke, I hope they weren't disappointed.  We thank everyone who came out for this secret menu item. 

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
A shameless poke plug

I knew this shirt from competing in the 
Sam Choy Poke Festival on the Big Island
would come in handy one day...

I was busy serving up poke and didn't
do my usual wandering around looking
for new food finds.  But here's what I did enjoy.

See What Jay Eats...

 I know I'm bias, but it was pretty good.

Wasabi Ahi Poke
Tuna, sweet onions, scallions, sesame seeds, 
and a pinch of Hawaiian salt.

Poke is an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine.
It means to slice or cut.

You can't have just one

What's a 626 Night Market event without
a musubi picture?

 I visited another friend with a long line
Photo Courtesy Ramen Burger
 and got to try the special Ramen Burger 

It had a nice flavor to it,
without just being spicy hot.

Team Ramen Burger West Coast
does an amazing job coming up with
creative new menu items that gets
me in their line at each event.

Look for the Ramen Burger brick and mortar
location in KTown. read about it HERE

Photo Courtesy Ramen Burger
 I guess it's no secret now...

 Grilled Corn from Oh Thit!

If you follow me, you know I love corn!  Grill it and it's even better.  Our booth was next to Oh Thit! and I was lucky enough to sample their menu offerings.  I loved their corn, it's grilled and topped with a scallion oil and lots of green onions.  It reminded me of a pho place I used to visit, they would serve scallion oil with their pho ga (now I want pho).

Oh Thit! isn't just about grilled corn, they also served grilled meats! 

Usually I avoid the grilled meats at these types of events, most of them are over-cooked, dried out, and disappointing.  I have to admit, Oh Thit! had one of the best grilled meats I've had at a festival setting (or night market) in a long time, flavorful and very tender.  

They serve two types of Vietnamese style grilled skewers, pork and filet mignon.  Both are very good and I'll be in their line at the next 626 Night Market.  

 What a Great Combination!

Mama Musubi's Wasabi Ahi Poke with Oh Thit!'s Pork Skewer
and what I ended up eating on Saturday...

Another favorites of the DTLA Night Market

I enjoyed the Cheeseburger dumplings
and Ginger Pork dumplings.

But my favorite was the vegetable dumplings,
which are vegan friendly.
YES, vegan!

Their ingredients are locally sourced from organic producers.
Their handmade dumplings can be found at Good Egg Los Angeles.

 Uni Cream Tater Tots

In my "Night Market Survival Guide", I mentioned to use social media to find something that you might have missed. Thanks to a couple of people I follow, I was able to find and order these beauties.  From Lotza Tots, they had a variety of tater tots, but the uni cream caught my attention. I did enjoy these and look forward to trying more at the next 626 Night Market.

One more thing...

It Could Happen!

Mama Musubi's Poke with the Ramen Burger

I didn't really have a chance to walk around
and checkout all of the food like I normally do.

I wanted to get a Japa Dog, but didn't have
time to wait in line.

What else did I miss? 

See you at 626 Night Market in July!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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