Kites, The Beach, and Ramen Burgers!

The 17th Annual Japan America Kite Festival
The Largest Japanese Kite Festival Outside of Japan!
Seal Beach, California

It was a beautiful day at the beach,
lots of beautiful kites.

Usually I'm told to "go fly a kite",
but today I was here for...

Keizo Shimamoto's Original Ramen Burger!

500 Ramen Burgers on today's menu

Paul Lam (L) grilling the Angus beef patties and
Keizo Shimamoto (R) flipping the ramen noodle buns.

The Ramen Burger is made with fresh ramen noodles
formed in a bun shape and lightly grilled.
With the Angus beef patty, Keizo has his
secret shoyu glaze, arugula, and scallions.

Makes for a tasty combination.

Ahh, one of the coveted Ramen Burgers!

It's wrapped in a beautiful origami-style wrapper

I could've pulled some strings, but I had my wristband
and stood in line.
OK, there were 10 people ahead of me...

This event, when you paid for the Ramen Burger,
a wristband was given out and you were to
comeback at a later time to pick it up.
Similar to Disneyland's Fastpass.

Bill was today's gatekeeper,
you couldn't get a Ramen Burger without
getting past him or No burger for you, NEXT!

Lots of kites of all sizes, shapes, colors,
and I even found Nemo...

Kristie Hang (@kristiehang) ready to try one.

 Add 2 more fans to the Ramen Burger list!

Look for @backyardbite's video on Tastemade.
Meanwhile, you can read her post here.

The Ramen Burger assembly line.

See What Jay Eats...

My Turn!

Just as good as the one I had in Pasadena!
See my post here.

Maybe better this time, it was at the beach.

 Thanks to the sponsors and those
who brought their beautiful kites
to fly and also to display.

The Ramen Burger wasn't the only food,
there was takoyaki,
a typical Japanese festival food,
and a couple of others too.

Loved the husband and wife team that
did a beautiful kite choreography.

One of the highlights of the event.

Photo by Kristie Hang
I'm glad that they were able to try it.

Looking forward to their videos

Keizo Shimamoto, Ramen Burger creator,
taking a picture of his latest creation.

It was good seeing Keizo, but after two
Ramen Burger events, we need to just
meet up and get a bowl of ramen...

One of the busiest booths at the festival,
Thanks Delta Airlines!


Once all of the wristbands were exchanged,
40 Ramen Burgers Left!

The line was formed at a blink of an eye 

End of the Day! 

The Seal Beach Ramen Burger Crew
Awesome Job!!!

For More Information on Keizo and the Ramen Burger:

Keizo's Go Ramen

Since the kite festival, I've been asked when the next time
Keizo will bring the Original Ramen Burger to Southern
California?  Follow "Ramen Burger" and become a fan
on Facebook for the latest information on upcoming events.
You can go to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn on Saturdays...

In case you missed my post on the 
Pasadena Ramen Burger pop-up:

Thank You!
Jeffrey Shimamoto

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats
©Jay Terauchi


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