What is Bibimbap?

Whether it's Korean barbecue, Soondobu Jigae (spicy tofu stew) or even kim chee, there's something addicting to Korean food.  I love Korean food and want to learn more.

With this in mind, I was honored to be invited to the Bibimbap Backpacker's Table, along with food writers, bloggers, a few restaurant industry folks, and the media.

As a restaurant and food marketing consultant, I'm always asked about Asian food, Korean is always at the top of the list.

I've always said that Korean food could be the next big thing, it just needs someone to explain it to the masses.  Well, I think this is the group to do it.

Today's focus is on bibimbap,
a dish I've had many many times,
but don't really know much about 
the background or tradition.
Other than I like it...

Among the K-POP and fashion displays,
our group was assembling for this bibimbap experience
at the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles.

Kim Chee Dip

It had a nice kim chee flavor,
I could have eaten the 
entire bowl.

The Bibimbap Backpackers is a Korean food promotional
team from Seoul, Korea who's aim is to introduce and
promote bibimbap and Korean food around the world.

They've been from the Great Wall in China to the Eiffel Tower in Paris
and many destinations in between.

In 3 years, the the "backpackers" have served about
20,000 bibimbaps at events all over the world. 

What is Bibimbap?
It means "mixed rice" in Korean.
It's an array of seasonal vegetables, proteins,
and garnishes with a hot pepper sauce over rice.

It's a symbol of harmony, peace, and friendship.

See What Jay Eats...

 First Course
Mini Mandoo
Korean style dumplings

I love dumplings and was
a great way to start...

Second Course
Stir fried rice cake

Similar texture to mochi,
with a spicy sauce.

 Third Course
Japchae Salad

Fried potato noodle salad
with soy sauce dressing

Nice compliment to what we've tasted thus far

with bits of tofu and vegetables

 Ganjang Bibimbap
with Pork Belly

Pork belly and kim chee
over rice

All I heard was Pork Belly...

The chef explained today's ingredients
and the importance of the different colors
and the placement inside the bowl

  The mix of using fresh natural vegetables, proteins, 
and rice makes for a balanced meal.

Next is audience participation time!
 The "Before" Shot

 Some of the ingredients for
today's bibimbap.

Notice the different colors, textures,
flavors, and vegetables.

The "After" Shot 
My Bibimbap Creation!

 Can't forget to add the sauce...

Now it's a bibimbap!

Maesil Cha
Asian Apricot Iced Tea

Nice fruity flavor and not too sweet.

It was a great afternoon filled with good food,
learned more about the Korean culture and
sampled delicious dishes.

Now I need to find some bowls so I can
make my own bibimbap at home.

With Tommy and a really big bibimbap.

PSY made an appearance in the picture too...

Kamsahamnida Bibimbap Backpackers!

It was an honor to be included in this experience
and thank you for a wonderful event.

Follow them on Facebook
and YouTube

If you like pork belly and looking for a 
Korean bbq experience, checkout
my "Korean Pork BBQ Heaven" post.

Another Korean BBQ favorite
Honey Pig

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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