Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut City II

A friend had mentioned this event to me, she was at LACMA yesterday and told me about this morning's discussion about donuts and I should attend.  Although she wasn't there, she was right about the free donut at For Your Art.

Anyway, I looked forward to a break from putting together food pictures from my Hawaii trip.

Donut Display

Now this is art...

She wasn't kidding about the FREE donut

Too many to select from...

Now if these were actual size donuts,
I'd be in deep trouble...

Here's one of my favorites...

A lot of artwork on the walls,
even had an audience participation section.

But I settled on my favorite one
and started to focus in on today's donut discussion
and the reason why I showed up.

Today's donut panel
moderated by Krista Simmons

Donut trends were discussed, what makes a great donut, history of the donut scene in L.A. as is rooted in the Asian immigrant population, and even shared personal donut stories.  

YES, malasadas from Hawai'i were mentioned too...My other favorite.

After the discussion,
donuts from the Donut Snob
were unveiled for tasting.

Today's donut panel

(Left to Right) Waylynn Lucas (Fonuts), Janeen Gudelj (Donut Snob),
Krista Simmons (Top Chef Masters judge and LAist Food Editor),
and Josh Lurie (

Josh and I attended the Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival
a couple of weeks ago
It was nice seeing him on the mainland this time

My Bacon Donut from Donut Snob

More information on

I'll have to look for Fonuts 
and Donut Snob...

Photos by Jay Terauchi
©Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


Dara said…
YAY! Malasadas!!!!

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