Poncho’s Tlayudas - South Los Angeles

A couple of coworkers and I had
been talking about going out for
Oaxacan food and one of 
them knew about 
a place in South LA.

We gathered up a few others after
work one Friday afternoon and

Look for this sign,
cause it’s “Tlayudas Friday”

AND it leads to the backyard.
(talk about being in the know)

Head down the driveway
and order at the grill.

They only serve Tlayudas,
a traditional Oaxacan dish,
but you select the meat:
(They don’t have a menu,
but here are the choices)

Asada - grilled beef
Chorizo - Spanish sausage 
Tasajo - Oaxacan-style beef steak
Moronga - pork blood sausage

Like any backyard party,
look for the refrigerator for drinks,
help yourself.

Beer, Water, Coca-Cola ($5)

I love the spoon artwork on the back wall

Tlayuda $10

Served on a very large crispy tortilla
with asiento (a dark lard), beans, 
cabbage and Oaxacan cheese.

Your meat choice is served on the side.

The picture doesn’t show how 
large the tortilla is, maybe 18” in
diameter or larger.

But the Star of the Show...

(Pork Blood Sausage)

Alfonso “Poncho” Martinez

With his house-made Moronga
(Pork Blood Sausage)

They’re so good!

Visit him on Friday nights
in South LA
or Sundays at Smorgasburg LA.

Tell Poncho that Chef Jay 
sent you!

(Friday Nights)
4318 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90037
(Street Parking)

Smorgasburg LA
(Sundays - 10 am to 4 pm)
777 S. Alameda Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(Free Parking - 2 hours)

Photos by Jay Terauchi 
Jay Eats Worldwide 
(c) Jay Terauchi 


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