Porridge + Puffs (New) - Historic Filipinotown

A hidden gem in Hi-Fi
(Historic Filipinotown)

It may not look like much on the outside...

BUT, on the inside 

The Food is Excellent!

Rice and friends pics on the wall...

BTW, this place serves rice porridge,
(hence the rice on the wall)
aka “congee”

My first taste of Chef Minh Phan’s
at Smorgasburg LA in 2016.

Since then, I’ve been to a couple of
Chef Minh’s pop-ups.

I couldn’t wait for her to open
a brick & mortar location,
dreams do come true!
(for me anyway...😂)

Opening Menu

See What Jay Eats...

Asian Slaw 

With rau ram, shiso, holy basil,
peanuts and sesame.

A nice lunch starter...

Shortrib Porridge 

A slow braised short rib with jujubes and fresh five spice. Turmeric fermented mustard greens and seasonal edible flowers on top.

I was too late to get a soft egg,

as it was already sold out.

Can’t have Porridge without Puffs!

You really can’t...

Poultry + Mushrooms 

Sweet soy braised chicken, turkey and mushrooms with crispy shallots, celery pickles, scallions and seasonal edible flowers in a mirepoix rice porridge.

I opted to add a hibiscus-shiso 

pickled soft egg too!

Malabar + Okra + Amaranth Porridge

A summer porridge with malabar spinach, okra Malabar-herb-coconut pistou, 

Tomato-Confit, pickled okra and topped with Amaranth flower 

+ morning glory tempura.

Although I loved the shortrib and poultry ones, this one was surprisingly the best of the bunch.

Unfortunately, the season is over,

so you’ll have to wait until next summer.

Stuffed Mochi

A savory Mochi stuffed with mungbeans, Peads + Barnett’s Pork Belly,

 fig jam, Verbena dust and 

grilled in a edible fig leaf.

It had a nice flavor balance and even loved the char on the grilled leaf, which complemented the mochi. 

Brown Butter Mochi

A nice end to a delicious meal
at Porridge + Puffs

Something so simple,
tastes so good!

But, you need to know what works together AND Chef Minh does
a great job combining flavors
that you may not know or wouldn’t 
think they go together.

I haven’t had a bad dish yet...

Days and Hours are limited,
so check their schedule for
current operating times.

2801 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide 
(c) Jay Terauchi 


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