majordōmo - Los Angeles

I’ve driven by this David Chang restaurant many times, majordōmo,
which lies in an industrial area between Chinatown and Lincoln Heights.
(Downtown Los Angeles)

Opened in January 2018, 
this is David Chang’s first restaurant 
in Los Angeles.

I waited for the crowds to die down,
BUT it’s still a task to get a reservation.


You can come early and sit at the bar.

Sitting at the bar waiting for friends
and perusing the bar menu.


with vodka, Japanese cucumber,
Shiso and ginger.

I thought it had a bit too
much ginger but a good cocktail.

A Mule and an Old Fashioned 
walk into a bar...

Friends arrived on time
for our 5:45 pm reservation 
and we were promptly seated.

It’s more of an Asian Fusion menu.

NOW, what to order...

But First...

An Asian Pear app or palate cleanser,
not sure
(wasn’t paying attention)

See What Jay Eats...

We started with a couple of Bings
(a warm flatbread for toppings)

This was the Foie Gras, Ricotta 
and Jam Bing.

A “Bing” is a flour-based Chinese
flatbread, right out of the oven, 
they’re delicious!

The jam was a nice touch.

Eggs & Smoked Roe

Wild caught Smoked Trout Roe 
over perfectly cooked eggs.

BUT then again,
it’s a David Chang restaurant,
So I’m not surprised that the eggs
are perfectly cooked.

Almost too nice to eat,

Our server said to mix everything 
together and then spoon on to the Bing.

It was Eggcelent!

Green Beans

with pickled grapes and almond gribiche.

Loved this and the grapes were 
a nice touch.

Marinated Mushrooms 

with pistachio, radish and pea shoots.


Marinated Black Cod

with hozon, bok choy and plum.

What’s Hozon you ask?

“Hozon” is a David Chang created 

(and trademarked) seasoning that is 

made from fermented nuts, grains 

or seeds.

Can’t go wrong with Black Cod.
(OK you can, but not here)

Boneless Chuck Short Rib

Braised with Asian pear and daikon. 

Comes with rice cakes, sweet potato, 

scallions and our server topped it off with a melted raclette.

Served with white rice too.

Cause you can’t have Galbi-jjim

(Korean braised short ribs)

without rice,

so my Korean friends tell me.

This was really good,

probably could do with half the

amount of cheese tho.

Geez, now I want Korean food...

How do you end a delicious meal?

of course...

Strawberry Kakigori

A Japanese shave ice dessert flavored with Strawberry on the outside and

 Shiso on the inside. Topped with burrata and strawberries.

We want something lite and ordered this dessert to try, it was HUGE!

But have to admit, it was a delicious end to a very nice dinner.

I really enjoyed my first experience at majordōmo and was part of a group 
of friends who eat like me,
able to order a bunch of dishes.

I thought the food was really good 
and so was the service.  Our server’s 
recommendations were on point.
I will be back!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide 
(c) Jay Terauchi 


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