Hatch Yakitori + Bar (New) - “Black Omakase”

I’ve walked by this place 
a few times before for their opening.

at The Bloc in Downtown LA.

Well, today’s the day
I get to sit down and sample the menu!

I started with the Coconut Matcha,
which was refreshing on a warm evening.

You can sit inside,
but tonight was a warm summer 
evening and we decided to dine alfresco.

The view above
from the outside tables.

Hard to believe that the Aon Building 
was once the tallest building this side of
the Mississippi River at one time.
(From 1973 to 1989)

See What Jay Eats...
at this modern yakitori

Miso Pork Spare Ribs 

Miso caramel, slow cooked pork ribs,
spice blend and green onions.

Soboro Rice

Marinated ground chicken 
and quail egg yolk over rice.

What’s a Yakitori place 
without having Yakitori?

Yup, we had a lot...

What’s a chicken place with eggs?

OK, these aren’t chicken eggs...
BUT, they were still good.

You can’t come to Hatch without
having the Chicken Meatball stick.

Dip the meatball in the sous vide yolk 
and tamari sauce.

You place the empty sticks
in the mugs on the tables.

So, don’t drink water from them...

Speaking of water,
their water bottles have a
Binchōtan Charcoal stick inside.

Binchōtan Charcoal is a type of charcoal which is traditionally used in Japanese cooking.  It burns very hot but at a lower temperature than ordinary charcoal.

BUT, we wanted to sample the 
“Black Omakase”

They say that Black is the 
New Black Omakase menu 

or something like that...

Black Karaage Chicken

A two day brined chicken thigh with
squid ink and served with house pickles
and grilled limes.

This was my favorite dish
of the evening.

Also comes with a Black Ranch Dip

Some may say it looks burnt...

But juicy and flavorful inside.

Black Fried Rice

served with a black garlic sauce, carrot, corn, green onions, pickled ginger, house Togarashi and topped with mushrooms, it’s vegetarian too.

BUT, before dessert, one more dish...

Corn Tempura 

Sweet corn fritters with jalapeño,
green onions, brown sugar and
served with assorted sauces.

NOW, it’s time for dessert...


with Yuzu puree and green tea 
and mango mochi.

Binchotan Brownie 

A grilled brownie with Matcha frosting 
and black sesame ice cream.

I’d say we were the Winners tonight!

Chef Daniel Shemtob

Designer of this modern izakaya,
loved the Black Omakase menu.

My favorites of the evening,
Coconut Matcha
Black Karaage Chicken
Chicken Meatball
Thigh & Green Onion
Black Fried Rice

I’ll be back again
for the Black Karaage!

They do have vegetarian dishes on their menu.
700 W 7th Street
at The Bloc
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Happy Hour:  Mon - Fri
5 pm - 6 pm

Note:  I was a guest of Hatch Yakitori,
I thank them for the invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide 
(c) Jay Terauchi


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