Toastea (New) - Downtown Los Angeles

You've probably passed this location on 7th Street
in Downtown Los Angeles on your way to Bottega Louie,
just around the corner from Whole Foods.  I know I have...

Located in a historic building, next door to Rite Aid,
this space has been vacant for many years.
But since May 12, 2017, it's the new home to Toastea.

When 3 USC grads get together
with Taiwanese boba and thick toast,
Toastea is born!

This is what creative people do when they find a unique 'opportunity'
and they use it to their advantage.

It's not a big place, but they do have a good size seating area.
What really stands out is the unique stairs converted into
additional seating.

It's stadium seating with a park mural above,
love the astroturf...

One of the NICEST waiting area for the restroom.  j/k

OK, let's get down to business, the teas.

I love not having to ask what's good or what's popular here.

A few of the Top Ten menu items.

The other reason why I'm here,
to taste the thick toast.

They use locally baked milk bread
from only one place in L.A. that has
been making it for as long as I can remember,
Yamazaki Bakery in Little Tokyo.

See What Jay Eats...
Caramel Apple Pie thick toast

With caramelized apples glazed with brown sugar,
cinnamon and a blend of spices.

Just like mom's...

If your mom makes a Taiwanese-style thick toast version
of a caramel apple pie then yes.

(with a matcha latte)

Housemade Matcha jam with strawberries, bananas
and vanilla drizzle. 

But of course I have to be different
and order one of the special lemonades.

I opted for a Strawberry Matcha Lemonade,
which was really good.

You can taste the high quality matcha from Japan,
at least I can anyway.

Before I leave,
(taking a page from Steve Jobs)
there's just one more thing...

Toastea has mason jars!

But other places have mason jars too...

If you're a regular, this makes sense
and good for the environment.

If you have a mason jar collection,
then you need to add one to your collection!

The teas here are not only artistic,
but good tasting too.

By using quality whole leaf tea (as well as other
quality ingredients) makes for really good tea. 

Before I left Toastea,
I ordered a Strawberry Rose Gunpowder with Lychee Jelly
for the drive to my next event.

No, they don't add actual gunpowder.
It gets it's name from each tea leaf being
rolled into a small round pellet.

600 W 7th Street #120
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 628-3766

Monday - Thursday:  11 am - 9 pm
Friday - Saturday:  11 am - 10 pm
Sunday:  11 am - 8 pm

Thank You!
Alex Ko
Alice Zhao
Amir Ganaba

Note:  I was a guest of Toastea,
I thank them for their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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