Okinawa Raw Sugar Sea Salt Nitro Latte (New) - SpireWorks®

If you follow me, you know I like the new
SpireWorks® first store in Westwood.

Read my Westwood SpireWorks® post HERE

Now that their Eagle Rock location has opened,
(Grand Opening on January 24, 2017)
this one is a lot closer to me.

Which means, 
I can come in just for one of my favorites,
Nitro Brew Coffee.

What's Nitro Brewed Coffee?

It's coffee that has been infused with nitrogen gas.
Nitro brewed coffee is creamier and a richer taste.  
IMO, the acidity is lower and no need to add cream
(if you like it that way).

Yup, SpireWorks® has Nitro Brewed Coffee,
BUT, they've taken it up a notch.

See What Jay Eats...
and drinks

Photo by SpireWorks®
I'd like to introduce you to the

Okinawa Raw Sugar Sea Salt Nitro Latte
Exclusively at SpireWorks®
in Westwood and Eagle Rock.

Photo by Lawrence Moore
With SpireWorks® Founder and CEO Bob Kaufman,
who told me that he wanted to serve something really special.

Yes Bob,
you sure did...

Photo by SpireWorks®
What's Okinawa Raw Sugar?

Okinawa is an island,
South of the main island of Japan,
and has a more tropical climate
where sugarcane is a major crop.

They say that Japan holds the longest life expectancy 
title in the world and Okinawa for many years
touted as the area of Japan with the longest life expectancy.
Some say, it may be due to the consumption of 
their pure black sugar in their diet.

We don't see much of this prized black sugar in the U.S.,
most are juiced for locals, tourists,
made into Kokuto black rock sugar,
and other products.

NOTE:  I'm not saying that you'll live longer
if you consume Okinawa Raw Sugar.

With consulting chef, Kuniko Yagi,
who created this exclusive latte.

You might recognize her from Top Chef Seattle
(Season 10)

in addition to one of their destinations,
a sandwich or a bowl,
add this amazing nitro brew coffee
and up it with the Okinawa Raw Sugar Sea Salt Latte.

Remember, it's only available at SpireWorks®.

4945 B Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Open 11 am - 10 pm

Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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