Jones Birthday Cake Soda - Review

Happy Birthday
Jones Soda Company!!!

Yes, Birthday Cake Soda Pop!

When I saw it on the shelf at Galco's,
I knew I had to try one.

Especially since it's a limited edition!

Just hit the big two-oh.
20 years of fun flavors,
the 2005 Thanksgiving Holiday Pack 
was my favorite!

If I remember correctly,
the 5 flavors in the pack were
(a vegetable one I can't remember)
and Pumpkin Pie

I took the pack to my family's
Thanksgiving dinner and shared with 
my cousins.  If I remember correctly,
I think I was the only one who
enjoyed it.  lol

Back to the Jones Soda
Limited Edition Birthday Cake Soda Pop,
it does have a hint of birthday cake,
the frosting.

I kinda like it...

If you want to try,
get it before it goes away.

in Los Angeles

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

Photo by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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